3 Nigerian Business Ideas You Can Launch with 100000 Naira

3 Nigerian Business Ideas You Can Launch with 100,000 Naira

3 Nigerian Business Ideas You Can Launch With 100000 Naira, a business idea in Nigeria and its subsequent launch may be compared to a goldmine that offers individuals the chance to tap into a better way of life in a nation where economic deficit and unemployment have become the norm.

Starting a private business from different business ideas has benefits in addition to being a path to self-employment and aiding in ending the job search. In this post, we’ll look at 10 businesses that you can launch in Nigeria for as little as N100,000. Also, it promises a 100% return on investment in little more than 30 days.

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For obvious reasons, POS (point of sales) tops the list of 3 Nigerian Business Ideas You Can Launch with 100000 Naira. The company is one that has been around for a very long time. Human life involves financial transactions, and the banking industry routinely falls short of what the public expects in that regard.

POS acts as a discreet substitute for banking transactions. It prevents individuals from spending their valuable time waiting in line for routine financial transactions in the bank hall. The POS may handle financial operations such as money transfers and withdrawals, bill payments (DSTV, GOTV, PHCN), recharging airtime, and selling data.

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Charging Of Devices Such As Phones.

Another business concept in Nigeria that may be implemented with as little as 100,000 naira is the charging of electronic devices. The fact that most states in the nation have unstable and inconsistent energy supplies is no longer a surprise. Making the industry of switching phones a very lucrative one to enter with comparatively little capital.

Additionally, the price of gasoline for generators, which could have provided a backup power source, has increased and now prohibitive. Majority of lower and middle-class people who are unable to buy a generator frequently turn to phone charging merchants. This results to them paying a minimum of 100 naira to have their phones and other devices charged.

Business Of Selling Data.

We now live in a digital age where everyone needs to be connected in order to stay informed about events both locally and globally. The world has effectively become a small community. Thus, getting and using a data plan becomes necessary.

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