How to easily access Google’s Password Manager on Android

How to easily access Google's Password Manager on Android.

How to easily access Google’s Password Manager on Android, google includes a password manager with Chrome and Android that syncs and automatically saves all of your login information across devices.

By just pressing the login box and confirming your identity, you can log into a variety of apps and services. The issue is that Google’s product, unlike some of the best password managers available, lacks a native app and functions more as an autofill service than a stand-alone password manager. To obtain the saved login credentials, you must delve deeply into your Android phone’s settings menu. Thankfully, this is now permanently changing.

The ability to add the Password Manager shortcut to your Android device’s home screen has been added with the most recent Google Play system update, according to 9to5Google. Since accessing your stored passwords in Google Chrome is now a bit of a hassle, this will make it simpler to quickly get to the list of saved login credentials in the password manager. As part of the Google Play Services v22.18 release, the shortcut creation option is now available.

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How to easily access the Password Manager shortcut on your Android phone by adding it to the home screen:

  • Navigate to System Settings.
  • Select Privacy by scrolling down.
  • The Google Auto-fill option should be chosen.

The Google account and many types of data kept in the password manager are now visible.

  • Tap Passwords.


The password manager will now display the login information you previously saved.

  • In the top-right corner, tap the Settings button.
  • Choose the option to add a shortcut on your home screen.
  • Tap Add one more to confirm the action.

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Now, the shortcut for Passwords ought to appear on the home screen. Every time you use the shortcut to access the password manager, you’ll need to choose the primary account if you have multiple Google accounts connected to your phone.

Although Google has implemented this thoughtfully, it has not been done in the greatest way imaginable. It takes time to add the shortcut, and there is no way to have it appear in the app drawer rather than on the home screen. In addition, the business should have included a biometric verification step when the password manager is opened, just like other password managers do.

At the moment, merely trying to view any of the saved login credentials causes it to occur. We can only hope that Google will solve these issues in the next versions. Thanks for your time reading How to easily access Google’s Password Manager on Android.

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