how to generate wealth using real estate


Real estate is defined as the land and any permanent structures like a home or improvements attached to the land.

It can either be natural or artificial

In 2023, creating wealth is very paramount, but the big question is.

“What can you do to create wealth?”



Ways you can create wealth in real estate


Buy real estate investment trust (REITs): these are companies that own, operates, or finance income-generating real estate, these companies own medical facilities, shopping centers, hotels, and resorts, by investing in them, you earn high dividend

Imagine not having to worry about money because you have invested in real estate through REITs

Rental income: this means having a property and putting it for rent, every day, the population of the world keeps increasing, which means that, a constant increase in population will bring about a constant increase in housing, it will also bring about an increase in property value and when this happens, rents will increase thereby bringing more money.

Capital appreciation: the value of a property will not remain static; the beauty of the real estate is that property value will always increase.
If in 2007, you bought a property for 100 USD, by 2022, the value of that property would have increased, if you to put up that property for rent, you can put it up for 400 USD, which means more money.

It brings about development in a society, consider places you know that are developed, these places used to be filled with trees until the inception of real estate.

It brought about offices, schools, hotels, resorts, etc.

You can create wealth for yourself by investing in a real estate company such as GWC.




It provides passive income: property value appreciates with time, when you invest in rental property, you create passive income for yourself, rental properties provide a monthly income for owners regardless of whether the owner lives in the property.

Wide variety of investment options: investing in real estate provides a wide range of investment options from buying a single-family property to buying a parcel of land to leasing commercial properties to selling distressed properties.

Effective means for saving for retirement; it   provides wealth that when managed properly can serve as retirement plan.

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