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The Face of GWC Tech Hub, I’ve always loved to be a beauty queen, but the modeling sector in Nigeria has been a restricting factor to this purpose. A system where you’d have to sell out your body to win a contest. A system where you’d win a contest and the win would be given to another.

Some time ago, I decided to try one of these contests because it was virtual, and there was no possibility of meeting the organizers one-on-one. I hopped on it and put in my effort to win. My friends were of great help during the online voting.

GWC Voting Contest || The Face of GWC Tech Hub

When I thought the reactions and creativity were all I needed to win, they introduced tally voting, where we’d have to use our money to vote. I’m not trying to speak ill of tally votes, but I’d buttress my point.

I started soliciting votes from all my friends and across all social media platforms, which I pulled off massively because of the caliber of people I had as friends and audience.

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The tally and online voting were over, and we were asked to come over to Port-Harcourt, physically for the finale. I had to get some funds from friends again, and traveled to Port-Harcourt.

At this point, I was already exhausted, but I clung on because I was positive about winning. My friends, especially. We had a winning mindset. They believed in me, so they were willing to push me to win.

I arrived in Port a night to the finale and checked in the hotel where they booked for us, together with three other girls, which were also the finalists. We had dinner, made acquaintances, and we went to bed.

The face of GWC Method Of Registration

A few minutes after I had gone to bed, my door creaked open. I thought it was one of the finalists at the dinner earlier. With my eyes fixed to the phone, I greeted; Hey, babe. You’re not in bed yet?” But, there was no response. I became alert and switched on the lights.


Standing before me unclad, was this woman introduced to us earlier as the chaperon. She advanced towards my bed, while I stood up and gave her a stern warning to stay away from me. She left me disappointed.

On the finale, we were in the auditorium waiting for the event to commence when the manager climbed on stage with a microphone.

We are sorry to announce that contrast number 03, Stephanie Morgan has been disqualified. We wish you all the best in your endeavors.”

I was devastated. Frustrated. Exasperated. Call it anything. My money, my creativity, my friend’s efforts, have all gone down the drain. I was almost stranded, but thank goodness for good friends. I left Port-Harcourt for Abuja and promised never to trust any agency or try participating in any contest again.

That was when I saw the adverts for the GWC Tech Hub contest, and with the knowledge, I’ve gathered; the brand is known for genuineness. I’d have loved to give it a try, but as an intern, there’s no way I can participate in a brand I work for, and that’s why I present to you THE FACE OF GWC TECH HUB ONLINE CONTEST. A free and fair contest opened to people from all spheres of life. Registration commences soon.

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