UK visa application is the process of applying for a UK visa to enable you visit, live or school in the UK.

Uk visa applications requirements


Traveling to the UK will require you to get some documents, these documents include:

National ID

A valid passport

Flight tickets should have both to and fro should be available.

An invitation letter depends on why you are traveling, it could be from your family, friends, school, or employer.

Proof of funds

Passport photographs that comply with the requirements for a visa application

Evidence of accommodation could be a hotel or the address of the person inviting you.

Types of UK visas


Before you apply for the UK, you should decide which is better for you, the UK visas you choose should align with your reason for traveling out, here are a few UK visas type.

Study visa

The UK has one of the best learning institutions,

As an international student, you will need a student visa to study in the UK.

This visa offers you the opportunity to study and live in the UK during your study, you have to apply to an institution that offers courses as a licensed student visa sponsor

A student visa is of two types, child and adult visa, to qualify for this visa, you have to apply to your choice of institution to receive an unconditional offer when you accept this

The institution will send you a certificate of acceptance of studies (CAS), once you have your CAS, you can start processing your visa and you should start processing your visa 6 months before your institution resumes.

Work visas:

Individuals planning on coming to the UK for work will apply for a work visa.

There are various work visas, and they include.

Skilled worker visa: this enables you to work an eligible job for a UK employer.

UK start-up visas: as an entrepreneur, you can open a new business in the UK using this,

Although you have to be 18 years or above and also have an English level of B2.

Temporary worker visas: this allows you to work in the UK for a
limited period

Visitor visas:

if you will love to tour the world, the UK is one place you should visit, and a visitor visa is what you will need.

This doesn’t exceed six months, visitor visas includes.

Marriage visitor visas: the marriage visitor visas enable foreigners to come to the UK and get married.

Standard visitor visas: standard visitor visas enable foreigners to come to the UK for tourism, business, volunteering or visiting family or friends.


UK visa application depends largely on your purpose of traveling to the UK

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