US Green Card Lottery Countries’ Eligibility

Let’s discuss the all-important US Green Card lottery countries’ eligibility. Nearly all nations are eligible, however, after reviewing the list of nations that can apply for the US Green Card Lottery, you can determine whether your own country is one of them.

The “Diversity Lottery” was the name given to the US green card lottery. Some nations, such as Canada, provide immigrants who wish to live permanently in their country the same lottery option, but the United States only accepts applications from a limited number of nations. The following nations qualify for the US green card lottery.

Since we are so confident that over 1 million people from various countries want to immigrate to the US permanently, it is our priority to show you the nations that can apply for this lottery and be given consideration. Because US citizens are entitled to a wide range of significant benefits, many foreigners wish to immigrate to the US.

In order for everyone who hopes to win the lottery to check whether their country is included in the list of eligible countries and then learn more information about this specific event, quickly read through this guide that has taken time to provide an overview of US green card lottery-eligible countries.



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US Green Card Lottery Countries’ Eligibility

The DV-2023 online application form is already available, as is the application deadline. It won’t be essential to apply without first verifying your nation’s eligibility. Your nationality as well as the nation in which you now reside. Because of this, we owe it to you to explain all the information that establishes which nations are qualified.

Based on their countries’ immigration rates, the US Diversity Visa Program excluded them. Countries having a high rate of immigration to the US are not eligible, but this does not preclude them from applying. If their parents or spouses are citizens of a qualifying nation, they may apply. In actuality, the countries on the under list are ineligible. Don’t apply on your own until the alternative method worked for you if you discover your country there.

  • Nigeria
  • Bangladesh
  • Vietnam
  • India
  • Brazil
  • Pakistan
  • Canada
  • Dominican Republic
  • Haiti
  • Philippines
  • UK North (Ireland is not included)
  • Colombia
  • Guatemala
  • Honduras


Application Deadline for DV-Lottery

Knowing the deadline for all immigrants applying for US green cards will be of significant importance to you now that you are aware of the eligible nations. First and foremost, having a green card entitles you to the same legal protections as US residents and makes you qualified for all levels of employment and study in the US. You must therefore fulfill all conditions and submit your application by October 15, 2021, in order to receive all the benefits enjoyed by citizens. No applications will be accepted after this time.

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