What Features Does Google Maps Latest Street View Have?

what feature does google street view have

What’s Features Does Google Maps Latest Street View Have? Have you heard about time travel? I’m sure you do. Google Street View is going to make you travel back in time. Yes, you’re about to become a time traveler.

Last week marked the 15th anniversary of Google Street View, which means new features. The business has announced that users of Android and iOS smartphones will look back at earlier Street View data to see what a location looked like in the past. It’s called Historical Street View. It makes use of Google’s vast collection of 360-degree pictures accumulated over the last 15 years to provide a view into the recent past.

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Google Maps has had a historical Street View option, but this is the first time it has been added to the mobile version. Historical Street View has been available on Google Maps for a while on the desktop. This is the first time it’s been made available on mobile devices. Google claims that the data dates back to the service’s inception in 2007. However, not all areas will have relevant data. The distance you can travel back if at all, will be determined by your location.

I haven’t been able to get this new function to operate in Google Maps on Android yet.The firm claims that it will be available soon for Android and iOS users. You’ll see a button labeled “See more dates” that will take you to a list of all the previous locations where you can use the feature. You’ll then be able to select certain historical moments to investigate.

What Features Does Google Maps Latest Street View Have?

Street View Studio is a new feature that allows you to upload your own 360-degree photographs in bulk. You’ll be able to preview these photographs before they’re published. So as to ensure that you’re satisfied with them. When an image is submitted using this feature, Google sends you a notification.

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The new adjustable and portable camera that Google is testing, the company plans to stretch Street View even further throughout the world. The new camera, is about the size of a house cat and weighs less than 15 pounds. The goal is for Google to be able to use this in places where its standard Street View cars can’t go. As a result, it can capture sites that are more difficult to reach.

It also allow Google to mount the camera on any vehicle it wants without having to bring a complete Google Street View car to a spot. Thanks for your time reading What Features Does Google Maps Latest Street View Have?


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