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Bisola Akindele




I am Bisola Akindele; i came from the western part of Nigeria. I am 30 now. It’s my birthday and of course. Our anniversary today. Yes “Our” anniversary. I mean between my dear husband and I but before the party commence, I would have to say a big thank you to you all for honoring my invitation and as well tell you a brief story about how we came together as husband and wife.

Emeka was a core member who was sent to serve in my school (ST Mary’s college in Oyo state state) and who happens to be my English mater in SS1.

To be honest, Emeka was always our topic of discussion. We all fell for him at first sight. He was charming, handsome, intelligent, and smart! Gosh he was something else.

To us, he was just perfect and every girl’s dream. We were coughing without being aware. Bisi our friend who summoned guts to tell him how she felt, found out he was no nonsense man and when she told us, we went back to our shells and flushed out every silly feeling we had for him.

After first term Emeka arrived in our school, I was voted to be the class perfect so, I became close to our teachers including Emeka.

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He was so strict and I hated him for that. Until it was time for him to leave. Though, I hated felling I had for him and I know the last thing I could have ever wanted was for him to go. “Could this be love”? I asked myself  “no no no” maybe likeness I said.

“Emeka would be leaving first things tomorrow morning” I said “what should I do”?  I had a sleepless night. “I had to go something” I said. I wrote a letter and dropped it on the floor close to his door. Telling him how I have is feeling lately. Some hours, I heard a knock on my door, it was Emeka. I thought he was there to yell or say negative things to me but he did not. We felt the same for me too.

He kissed me on my forehead, me once I’m clone with school (Secondary school to be precise).

He came back for me. Through, it was not easy for my parent or his parents to accept our marriage (Union) but love pared way very moment we have been a happy couple.

Once again, thanks for honoring our invitation.

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