3 Useful Activities for your National Youth Service Year

3 Useful Activities for your National Youth Service Year

3 Useful Activities for Your National Youth Service Year, being a Corp member is an amazing feeling because it means you’re finally free from classes, homework, and exams. However, along with the excitement comes responsibility and the need for financial independence because you’re now a real adult and have been welcomed into the real world.

What useful activities may you engage in throughout the service year, then?

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Develop your digital skills.

The world we live in is rapidly evolving and is virtually entirely digital. Having some online skills will offer you an advantage over your peers and make you relevant in today’s society as a serving youth corp member. To learn more about the digital skill that will complement your course of study, visit any reputable IT training school. You can also learn these skills virtually through online training platforms. While some of these online training platforms are free, others may need a little fee. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a learning and practicing tool.

Apply for available internships.

Opportunities for internships are constantly available, especially for recent graduates and members of the military. All you need to do to acquire an internship offer from any company is to get in touch with them. You do so, by submitting an application letter or giving them a call to inquire about internship opportunities. In order to connect with the personnel and executives of the company, you can also investigate what you want or where you want to intern on websites like LinkedIn.

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Study handicrafts.

Despite the fact that everything is now computerized, it’s still vital for everyone to learn how to do manual labor, whether you want to use it in your personal or professional life. During your service, you can pick up a variety of manual skills.

They include and are not limited to tiling, bag making, shoe making, soap making, barbering, cake decorating, catering, and fashion designing. Thanks for your time reading 3 Useful Activities for your National Youth Service Year.

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