Ellu P energy drink commercial was released a few hours ago.

The drink has three flavors, Ellu P 74 which is the orange flavor, Ellu P 75 which is the strawberry flavor and Elu P 76 which is the apple flavor.

This advert popped up a few hours ago with the “Distributors wanted” tag

Although the drinks displayed in the commercials are not yet in stores, Nigerians are excited about

Nigerians with the tag “OBIdients” are clamoring for the endorsement of  Stephen Muoka else the drink won’t be verified

They also stated that the alcoholic drink should be manufactured

In the Nigerian language “Igbo man no fit lack business idea”

A lot of Nigerians are excited about this drink as they feel it will give them the energy, they need to go through stress.

Although, some Nigerians have their reservation as they started that no product associated with the brand should be substandard products.


watch video here



The line became popular during the presidential election

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