How Nigerians Can Make Money || OpenSea NFT.

How Nigerians Can Make Money || OpenSea NFT.

How Nigerians Can Make Money || OpenSea NFT, how Nigerians Can Make Money by Turning their Photos into Digital Arts. A few days ago, the story of a young man who sold the picture of an aged drummer for some millions of dollars, made rounds on social media.

Since then, everyone has been talking about selling on NFT.  NFTs are digital works of art that are displayed on online exchanges for those who enjoy them to purchase.

In this article, I’d be giving you steps on how to make real money by converting your pictures to artwork and selling them on NFT. We’d be using Opensea Marketplace NFT to make this explanation.

How Nigerians Can Make Money || OpenSea NFT – Quick Tips

  • Syncing your wallet.

The first step is to create a crypto wallet and link it to your OpenSea account, which is the NFT marketplace where you want to sell your images.

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To get started, log into your account and click the “Create” icon in the top right corner.

It’s worth noting that other marketplaces offer prompts on their websites that are comparable to OpenSea’s. Give a brief introduction about yourself as soon as your wallet is connected so that people can get to know you.

  • Putting together your first piece.

Click “Create” while still logged into your OpenSea account, and you’ll be prompted to upload your file. Different types of files, such as Jpegs and MP4s, are permitted. You’ll be prompted to describe your file inboxes. You’ll also have to decide which network you’d like to mint your NFTs on. Ethereum and Polygon, an Ethereum-based system, are two of the most popular (MATIC).

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Your first NFT will be minted whenever you click finish after completing all of the requirements.

  • Put money in your wallet.

Make certain you have some cash on hand. In this scenario, certain ethical considerations. This is significant since any sale on the blockchain necessitates the payment of gas fees. Put some money in your wallet before you sell anything at all. Don’t bother about calculating the costs because the OpenSea system will do it for you.

  • Time to sell.

After you’ve successfully minted your NFT, go to the marketplace and click “Sell” on the page where your piece is located. After that, decide whether you want a time auction or a fixed-price sale. Following that, the marketplace will inform you of the costs you will be charged for the sale. OpenSea takes about a quarter of the selling price as a fee.

  • Networking.

Minting and selling your NFT isn’t going to make you money on the spot. You must connect with others in the NFT community and share your collection. The more well-known your work is, the more likely it is to pique someone’s curiosity. The disadvantage is that you might spend a lot of money minting an NFT and not be able to sell it.


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