common interview questions



common interview questions are questions asked during an interview.

most common interview questions


Tell me  about yourself:  To do this, you should give pertinent answers that are related to your job, as in the following example:

My name is Jay, I recently finished my one-year compulsory youth service,

I studied accounting at the University of Calabar and graduated with a second class upper,

During my youth service, I worked as an accountant in a firm where I was responsible for financial reporting.

I also have knowledge of some accounting tools that makes work easier.

How did you hear about us: this is one of the most common interview questions; it appears simple,

but it requires you to provide answers that demonstrate your interest in the job.

Answers that likely indicate to your interviewer that you have been stalking their website.

your answer should follow this pattern, for example:

I heard about your company during my IT years and worked hard to graduate with good grades when I saw the qualification required to work here on the website, so when I saw your job ad on the website, I applied.

Why did you decide to apply for this job:   “I applied because I need money and the job provides that,”

The above is the quickest way to end your job search.

Your interviewer wants to hear about your passion for that position.

You can respond with something like, “I love to defend people’s rights,” “I hate to see people suffer for what they know nothing about,” or

“I hate to see people suffer because someone bigger than them is oppressing them,” “I want to help people.

What do you know about the company: a lot of people go for an interview without reading about the company.

they simply see an ad from the company, apply, and show up on the day of the interview, with no research.

When asked this question, the interviewer’s goal is to see how well you know the company, such as the products or services they offer, their value, their brand tone, and brand color.

Answers applicable to this question are:

I discovered that your company is one of the largest tech companies in Lagos,

Your services include UI/UX, graphics design, data analytics, and so on.

I also know that your company has the best tech hands and provides excellent services.

Where do you see yourself in five years: this is one of the most common interview questions that you must answer carefully.

Your interviewer wants to see how smart and goal-oriented you are.

They also want to know how you intend to reach all of your stated goals in five years.

Conclusion: most common interview questions look simply, but they will require you to think thoroughly before providing an answer.

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