4 Ways Bleaching Creams Can Harm Your Body

4 Ways Bleaching Creams Can Harm Your Body

4 Ways Bleaching Creams Can Harm Your Body, the outermost layer of every living thing, including humans and animals, is called skin.

It protects the body from germs and aids in temperature regulation. The largest organ of the body, the skin is composed of water, lipids, protein, and minerals. The skin’s color is mostly influenced by genetic factors.

Many people, especially black people, end up whitening their skin color with various creams and lotions, which may be hazardous to the body, as a result of certain causes. There are several causes for it.

They include inferiority complexes held by persons who consider privilege, a higher social status, and beauty to be linked to light skin. Other justifications for whitening the skin include erasing racial prejudice, combating skin stereotyping in media and advertising, luring in people of the opposite sex, and succumbing to peer pressure, among others. 

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Both men and women use bleaching creams, thus there is no gender difference in their use, but women are the ones who experience it the most frequently. While bleaching one’s skin from black to white might not be difficult, it is not something that should be encouraged because it has a number of side effects that could be hazardous to your body.

Injurious chemical substances like mercury, hydroquinone, steroids, retinoids, niacinamide, and others are found in bleaching creams. Skin bleaching products have substantial health risks that may not be apparent right away but have an impact over time. This article will go through some of the well-known negative consequences of bleaching cream.


Cancer, indeed. You heard correctly. Hydroquinone, a common chemical in most bleaching treatments, can cause cancer if used for an extended period of time. Leukemia, kidney cancer, and liver cancer are all risks for people who use hydroquinone-containing bleaching lotion. 

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Injury Prone.

Users of these creams have a harder time recovering rapidly from wounds or injuries than people who don’t bleach their skin since these creams cause the skin to stretch and thin.

Renal System Damage.

Another negative impact that bleaching products have on your body is this one. This is most frequently found in mercury-containing bleaching lotions. Long-term usage of mercury-containing cream can increase the risk of potentially fatal kidney impairment.

Mercury has a limit to how high it can go in the body; anything exceeding that limit will not be tolerated by the body and may cause premature death. Thank you for your time reading 4 Ways Bleaching Creams Can Harm Your Body.

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