Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector.

Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector.

Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector, since the advance in technology, there has been a change relatively in matters of medical concerns. The contribution of technology to human existence can not be overemphasized.

In this article, we’d talk about four of the various ways it has contributed to the health sector.

  • Drug Production:

Ways of drugs production have been improved. The traditional ways of boiling herbs are still efficient but have their inadequacies. They can’t be transported to far distances and this makes treatment of certain ailments impossible for some tribes.

Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector.

With advances in technology, drugs can now be packaged to be sent to far countries and tribes where it wouldn’t have been impossible to get to.

  • Mother and Child Initiative:

The mother and child care initiative has drastically improved. In Africa, especially in Nigeria, certain customs and traditions didn’t help the health of women and children.

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These days, such is prevented by proper care of both mother and child to prevent mortality rates.

  • Accidents:

Accidents are better treated and higher rates of deaths prevented. Dangerous and high-risk diseases such as HIV, Cancer even Corona Virus have been managed because of high technological evolvement.

  • Infertility:

Issues of infertility have been resolved through the genetic culturing of the male sperm and female fertile egg in the process called “in vitro” fertilization.

Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector.

Such babies are deposited in the wombs of the potential mothers or “carriers” rather.

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Technology makes all this process easier. Also, the introduction of surrogacy where the biological mother doesn’t have to carry the child herself. She just gets someone to help her carry the child in her womb, while she goes about her business.

A lot of other Heath benefits have been put in place with the aid of technology. Such is the Forensics. This process is used in the detailed investigation and other ideas.

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Am so much happy today after writing this contest, that I was able to give you the Contributions of Technology to the Health Sector.

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