erogenous parts in a man's body

Erogenous parts are those parts that are highly sensitive to touch, vibration, and pressure.

A lot of people think that the only erogenous part in a man’s body is below the belt, other parts of the man’s body enhance pleasure too.

Erogenous parts in a man’s body


His lips: the lips are the erogenous part of a man’s body, during foreplay, kiss the lips either hard or soft, bite the lips, use your tongue to stroke the lips, and rub your fingers on the lips.

The pubic hairline:   the area around the pubic bone is an erogenous area for women and also for men, this is often overlooked, when your man is lying down, use your hands to draw circles from his belly button to his pubic hairline and watch how to pleasure he derives from it.

The F spot (frenulum): like the clitoris is the most sensitive part of the woman’s body, so is the F spot, it’s very sensitive because of the too much nerve concentration, it’s located underside of the penis where the glean a meets the shaft, this spot triggers orgasms in men.

Earlobes: arouse your partner by nibbling or licking his earlobes or you swirl your tongues into his ears and watch the electrifying moves he will make.

Inner thighs: this is part of the body close to the scrotum and they are highly sensitive, try kissing him, running your hands down his thighs before moving to the penis.

Glans: this is usually called the head of the penis or the cap of the penis, plant gentle kisses on it, use your tongue on it, want to get him to cloud nine, take the glans into your mouth,

Foreskin: a hand job or a blowjob can work perfectly here, be gentle, and don’t bite,

Nipples: if you want your man to feel sexual pleasure like an electric wave, try nibbling on his nipples, use your hands and make circles around his nipples, suck and bite gently

Importance of sex to men


It’s a form of exercise: when you have sex, you burn about five calories, it pumps your heart rate, and it won’t replace walking, running, or yoga but it’s a form of exercise.

Lower risk of prostate cancer: men who ejaculate more often (at least 21 times a month) are at a lower risk of getting prostate cancer.

Improve sleep: a man will sleep off after sex if he reaches orgasm because the hormone called prolactin which is responsible for relaxation and sleep is released.

Increased happiness: people who have sex the night before their jobs is happier than those who didn’t, sex had a way of making you happy.

The main way of getting to know the erogenous part of your partner is by communicating and trying out things, be open to exploring his body.

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