Five Health Importance of Physical Activities

Five Health Importance of Physical Activities

Five Health Importance Of Physical Activities, do you want to be active? Do you want to grow old, yet physically strong? The logic is simple, just exercise! 

Exercise is just fun, it is that physical activity that gets you pumped up and makes you feel alive. Sometimes, the feeling is indescribable. For me on a personal note, I run out of superlatives to describe how much quality and importance exercise brings to the body system. 

In view of this, we shall be quickly examining some importance of exercises to the body. They are as follows:


This should not really come as a surprise to many, but I am pretty sure some don’t even know this. If your weight is in excess or you want to burn calories, then you must exercise! It is not something to think about or debate on. Now, here is a fact: The more intense you exercise, the more calories you tend to burn.  Also, be very consistent. It is great to go to the gym to exercise your muscles, right? But if for one or two reasons you can’t, you can invent one for yourself, do the one you’re comfortable with. 

Let me give you a hint; you can run up and down the stairs, double up your regular house chores, and do some push-ups and squats. Anything that ensures you sweat it out will do. Just do them regularly, consistency is key. Be mindful of the kind of foods you eat during these periods though. Be wary of bulky foods and junk. Individuals that want to burn calories cannot achieve that aim by taking foods rich in calories. It is highly absurd!

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Myself, while growing up, I had a lot of dark days. So, how do I lift up my mood, I exercise! To be honest, it had been a good therapy for me over the years.  If you need an emotional rise in your spirit, a gym or a long walk can work. I sometimes stroll miles down roads that are like hills just to make sure my leg muscles are stretched. You will notice you feel so happy, calm, and collected as I do always. That aside, the way you feel about your body gives you this morale-boosting confidence about yourself.  Your self-esteem will be on a high.


Now, this might look very interesting to my readers, because sex is involved. But of course, nothing is far from it being a lie. Regular physical activity may enhance arousal for women. Yes, according to research, and it has been confirmed too. Also note, that men who exercise regularly are less likely to have erectile dysfunction than men who do not exercise at all. 

When you exercise, it boosts your confidence around women, especially the ones that you feel should be hard to get.  Your physical appearance goes a long way to put you up to that level you want to be. And it feels so right when the step you have to take is just to exercise!


Have you ever been in your room, not knowing what to do, and then your buddy shows up? Do they then suggest you go with them to go play a game of football or basketball? 

Yes, that is another form of exercise. Exercise can be a form of unwinding, reliving stress you faced during the day. A little dance in the hallway might even do, or an hour at the table tennis court, or probably some minutes in the pool. It could be anything, basically. 

It gives you a chance to connect with great minds, families, friends, and new people too.

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What a bonus, a huge bonus indeed.  Regular exercise fights against diseases like high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases, and lack of flow of blood. It manages health complications like: Stoke; Diabetes; metabolic syndromes; Anxiety; Depression, just to mention a few. 

It can also reduce the risk of death too. Simply put, if you want to have a higher percentage of living long on earth, please exercise. Exercise does a lot of good to the body. 

Note that if you want to change your exercise routine, kindly ensure you see your doctor. This is especially for people who have not exercised for a long period of time. Thanks for your time reading Five Health Importance of Physical Activities

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