importance of exercise


Exercise is a physical activity that’s planned, structured, and repetitive for conditioning the body.

Exercise makes your body work and makes your body burn calories, it’s an important part of preserving physical and mental health.

Types of exercise


We have mainly four types of exercise but for maximum results, a combination of two or more types is better.

Stability and balance: this involves slow, controlled movements that strengthen muscles in your abdomen, back and pelvis.

Flexibility: it defines the mobility of the muscles; this type of exercise is important for daily functional ability.

Strength: this is also referred to as weight training

It’s a form of energy that involves the breakdown of glucose for energy without the need for oxygen.

Aerobic: this type of exercise is also known as cardio exercise; it means any physical activity that can be sustained over some time.

Health benefits of exercising


It helps reduce anxiety and depression: exercise is a natural way to help reduce depression and anxiety.

Weight control: being of a higher weight is a risk factor for health issues such as stroke and heart disease.

Exercising is a good way to prevent these heart issues.

A lot of people complain of exercising and not losing weight.

exercising without dieting won’t help you achieve weight loss.

Stronger bones and muscles: exercising constantly will help build stronger bones and muscles.

Engaging in muscle activity will help maintain your muscle mass and strength.

Benefits of exercising on the mental health


Mental health involves our emotional and social well-being,

mental health has to be stable for an individual to perform properly,

Exercising is one of the ways to ensure that mental health is stable, here are the importance of exercise to our mental health:

Stress relief: when you are stressed, your muscles become tensed, this might make you feel a tightness in your chest.

stress will also cause insomnia, heartburn, or stomachache. Exercising can help relieve stress because physical activities help to relax the muscles.

Sharpens your thinking: exercise sharpens your thinking ability, exercise combats Alzheimer’s through improves blood flow, and increased the level of important proteins in the brain.

Boost self-confidence: exercising and getting the right body helps us feel better about ourselves, and good self-esteem can boost our mental health.

Reduces social isolation: many physical activities such as running, swimming, and cycling will require venues such as the beach, swimming pool, community walking ways and gyms,

Meeting different people will reduce loneliness and help you get in touch with new people and build friendship.


Exercing is good for our body as it helps us prevent and overcome a lot of things such as health issues and helps us build meet new people and build healthy relationship.


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