Kitchen Hacks for You

Kitchen Hacks for You

Kitchen Hacks for You, You’ve probably bought a bunch of plantains to use for breakfast, but you returned to your kitchen the next day to discover it was rotten.

That left you heartbroken. And now, you’d have to do your shopping all over again. Your money is gone, too.

That’s why I’ve gathered a few hacks for food storage and preservation.

Kitchen Hacks to Preserve and Store Foods.

Here are a few lists of things you can do to preserve your food.

  • Prevent Potatoes from Turning Brown.

Before cooking, cover shredded or diced potatoes with cold water to prevent them from becoming a disgusting grayish/brown color produced by the release of starch that causes them to oxidize.

  • Reduce the Rate of Rotting.

To protect tomatoes from deteriorating as quickly as possible, store them stem end down. This keeps air out and moisture out of the point where the tomato was plucked from its vine.

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Again, you can store your tomatoes in the freezer. According to new research, the mode of storage has no effect on the taste or juiciness of tomatoes.

  • Extend the Life of Bananas.

You can wrap the end of each bunch in a polythene bag or plastic wrap. This method has worked for me. The first time mum introduced me to it, I doubted, but now, I can say, it’s tested and trusted.

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Better still, cut each banana in half. These methods speed up the chemical processes, hence preventing ethylene gases from escaping the stem, causing the fruit to ripen too quickly.

  • Prevent the Hardening of Brown Sugar.

How would you feel when you notice your brown sugar had become as hard as a piece of rock? To keep brown sugar soft and scoopable, combine it with an orange peel or a slice of apple in an airtight container.

Kitchen Hacks for You

Alternatively, Brown sugar and a small glass of water can be microwaved for a quick treatment. The moisture created by the water in the microwave will aid in the breaking up of the sugar block.

Thank you for reading this article on the kitchen Hacks for You, constant practice will make you perfect.

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