nutritional benefits of dates

theDates are stone fruits with a single seed surrounded by sweet fleshy meat like mangoes

They are tropical fruits that’s grown on a date palm tree and are one of nature’s sweetest fruits.
it’s high in natural sugar and contain essential nutrients.


You should take five to six pieces per day, and they should be taken in the morning.

Nutritional value 


Fat, 0g

Calories, 23: dates contain about 23 calories most of which are from carbs.

Sodium 0.2mg

Carbohydrates 6gm; the 6gm comes from sugar, they are so sweet because of the high fructose content, the sugar content increases while the fiber content decreases as it ripens.

Fiber 0.6

Sugar 5g

Protein 0.2g: they supply a minimal amount of protein and that’s why it’s advisable you supplement meals with other sources of protein.

Potassium 53mg

Magnesium 3.4mg

Iron 0.1mg

Folate 1.52mcg

Types of dates

Medjool dates are the most common variety of dates and they are rich in antioxidants and fiber

Hahani: these  are grown in Egypt, they are gentle and red to black

Degleet Noor: these are from Tunisia and Algeria, they are among the best varieties, they are semi-dry and not too sweet and they are used in cooking.

Iteema: they are extremely sweet and are native to Algeria, they are big and oblong

Halawy: they are very sweet and small

halawy dates
halawy dates

Barhi: this variety is native to Iraq and they are yellow, have thicker flesh, and are gentle , they are the sweetest and creamiest dates which tastes like caramel, brown sugar and syrup.

Medjool: this variety is from Morocco, and Palestine, they have a toffee-like flavor, they are delicious and large and they come in reddish brown.

Omani: Omani are large , they one of the best varieties, they are dark brown, they originate from Oman, the middle east, they are juicy and sweet and they have a sticky texture

omani dates

Piarom dates: piarom dates are thin, long, and oval, they are semi-dried dates and have dark brown to black color, their varieties are found in the Persian gulf and the middle east areas

Safawi dates: safari dates are medium-sized and round, they are dark black cherry with slight brown, this variety is found in Madinah, Saudi Arabia and they have a dried texture with moisture.


Health benefits of dates

They are highly nutritious and have the potential to cure several health issues.

Strengthen bones: they are rich in copper and magnesium which are essential ingredients needed to prevent bone disorders.

They are also rich in vitamin K which helps to regulate the coagulation of blood and helps metabolize your bones.

Improved brain health: they contain coin and vitamin B which are very beneficial for the learning and memory process.

Also, regular consumption of dates has been linked to a lower risk of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s diseases.

Sweet tooth satisfaction: they are the sweetest fruits that contain natural sugar.

They can be used as substitutes for white sugar, next time you want to munch on something, go for dates.

Improved skin: they are a rich source of vitamins C and D which are important for skin maintenance, moreover, they also contain anti-aging properties which helps to prevent ageing.



Dates are nutritional fruits that are beneficial to the body, you should substitute your junk for them.

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