what to do when someone faints


Faints is a brief loss of consciousness that occurs when there’s a slight decrease in the amount of oxygen reaching the brain

Fainting which is also known as syncope can occur without a serious medical issue.

A person can faint by slumping on a chair or the floor.

Causes of fainting


Dehydration: dehydration is the loss of too much fluid in the body, which will lead to a decrease in blood pressure which will in turn lead to fainting
Heart issues
Low blood sugar
Low blood temperature
Tiredness from standing for too long.

Symptoms of fainting


A lot of things make one faint, let’s consider these few things that can cause fainting.

Shortness of breath
Blurred vision

What to do when someone faints


The common myth about helping someone that fainted is sprinkling water on their face, here is a list of things you should do when someone faints

Look out for danger: look out if the person fainted in a dangerous place like the stairs or halfway on an object

Call their name or squeeze their shoulders to see if they will respond
Lie them on their back and loosen tight clothing like the belt, collars, cufflinks of clothes, ties, and other clothing, ask people to give way for air or open the doors and windows of a closed place

Check out for injuries on the head or any other part, they might have sustained injury as a result of the fall

Check them out if they breathing by placing your ears very close to their mouth or nose

Kneel next to them and raise their legs above heart level to restore blood flow to the brain.

If the person vomits in their unconscious state, roll them on their side and clean them up to prevent choking.

If the person remains unresponsive after a minute

Call for help: If the person does not respond and is not breathing, or if they have any other symptoms such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, or severe headache, call for emergency medical services (EMS) immediately

Stay with the person until help arrives: Keep the person calm and reassure them until medical professional arrives.
If the person regains consciousness and feels fine, offer them water and encourage them to rest for a few minutes before resuming their activities.



Pouring water on someone that fainted is not the first or right thing to do

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