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Always Wear a Smile || It’s Powerful



Always Wear a Smile
Always Wear a smile

Hi phenomenal souls, indeed, it is a beautiful day, trust you are doing great.

It is really awesome having you stuck in here, Always Wear a Smile. And don’t you know it’s really going to be real good if you would read to the end. Winks….

Let’s proceed but first, with a question.

What does your goal achieving organ (the brain) tells you or how do you react each time you come across the “Smile”?

Do you practice it?

How do you feel each time you do?

Or you don’t wear it at all? Thinking maybe

It is not important to?

Frankly, my day was brighter the movement I came across this, which sounded move tie be quote (“Always wear a smile”) When I was going through a book.

It was a day full of smile you can’t imagine.

If you could understand how powerful this word Smile is you would then understand that it goes a long way, deep down into the heart of a person which causes him/her to reciprocate. A smile goes ahead to give people the permission to talk, come and to be with you Freddy without being uncomfortable.

It makes people see you as one who have a pure heart. It gives courage, it covers a lot.


I have come to realize that a lot of persons ain’t aware of how powerful a smile is. But one thing is sure about SMILE, it paves way hear it now.

It is powerful enough to break a heart of stone. A smile gives you what others could not get. Maka nan di igbo tulu ilu sin a obu iru oma ka ejuula ji agaa na ogwu.

Wahala for you if you no bo igbo person or sabi igbo…… Wines but just smiles fetch a lot.

Learn to smile but stress. Learn to keep a take full of smiles. A face one can easily find friendly.

Content by: GWC Tech Hub

It helps, it is powerful. And when you find someone or something that keeps your face smiling always look back to it, to him or her, smile again and say to yourself IT WAS WORTH IT. For I deserve to feel good to be happy and to smile.

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