5 Occasions and the Best to Wear

5 Occasions and the Best to Wear

5 Occasions And The Best To Wear, in recent years, people celebrate. They celebrate their little wins, their small achievements, and even feeble things that doesn’t matter to others. In Nigeria for example, research has it that ‘At least every family in Nigeria celebrates within a period of 365 days. Crazy statistics, right? Well, it is what it is.

Different happenings everywhere, every time. People want to go out to relieve themselves of the difficult times they find themselves in. And most times, we get confused as to what to wear for the occasions we want to attend. I know how particularly annoying it is to ponder for hours, trying to figure out the best outfit for occasions. We, therefore, implore you to go through this write-up carefully, as this might help you be more certain and straightforward when making your choice of clothes to wear.

Firstly, let’s start with A GRADUATION CEREMONY. 

It is quite important not to overthink what to wear to a graduation event. 

If you are a graduate, do not put anything that you might like to regret later. Wear comfortable heels as well or flat hedge sandals. This will enable you to walk on and around the stage very comfortably. 

If you are to attend another person’s graduation, it is advisable to follow the same guidelines listed above. 

More so, do not put on thick long sleeve clothes. This may result in deep sweats over the body, so it is better to dress in a cool, comfortable short sleeve clothes. 

If you are the one being celebrated, it puts a dent in the quality of the picture or video for the day. So, for graduation ceremonies, just don’t overthink yourself, keep it simple.

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For these types of occasions, casual wear does justice to them. They are more in a relaxed manner which is strictly based on your mood or style. The way you dress offers you relaxation and makes you comfortable.  

These dresses include pyjamas, shorts, jumpsuits, jeans, polo, shirts, skirts, and the likes.  

They can also be worn while staying at home too. The aim of these kinds of dresses is to give you the sensational feeling of being free. Tight cloth is an error. These wears are usually paired with sandals, flip flops, sneakers, palms, and other informal wear for both parties.


During sports activities, physical activities are the major event happening.  They include joggers, tracksuits, polo, T-shirts, etc. These can be paired with a cap, sneakers, trainers, or a canvas. 

Sportswear in other countries can also be called active wear. The aim is to remain active and well-fitted. I once made the mistake of putting on tight shorts to compete in a race. Well, you should have guessed how it went. I performed poorly. The reason? You know already.


Well, what do you wear for these types of occasions? We have to switch to our indigenous wear. These include fabrics such as Ankara, Aso-oke, Lace, and the like. From these fabrics, there are outfits like Agbada, Iro and Buba, Danshiki, Atiku, and so on. 

These native wears are best fit for Weddings, religious gatherings, or traditional ceremonies like festivals. Here, The aim is to portray and promote our cultural heritage. They can also be worn to work on Fridays too.

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Here, you are advised to keep it clean and professional. Put on clothes that would not warrant a query or raise eyebrows. A tailored suit or navy dress goes perfectly well for a job interview outfit. The objective you should be looking to achieve is to dress well more than this working there already. 

Most formal organizations accept suits, knee-length skirts, shirts, pants, ties, and modest tops. 

Note, that all of these must not be crumpled, torn, or dirty. 

For shoes, the following are advisable: court shoes, block heels, or Oxford shoes can be worn. 

Sometimes, we might be tempted to go against the will of what is required, and that is normal, for humans. But, like a popular saying goes: ‘The way we dress signifies the way we are addressed’. It is always important we dress nicely and neatly, no matter the outfit we put on.

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