5 Ways to Restore Love in my Relationship

5 Ways to Restore Love in my Relationship

Perfect 5 Ways To Restore Love In Your Relationship.

Ways to restore Love!

Love is sweet, love is pain. While love also heals, love can also break.

This is why the power that love brings cannot be overemphasized. 

In recent times, we’ve had series of broken relationships, sour and failed marriages as a result of people unwilling to follow or sustain the principles that guide a long-lasting relationship. 

In view of this, we shall be discussing five ways to get your relationship back on track. But before that, we must bear this in mind. One major negative factor that kills a relationship is TRUST. Yes, trust ruins everything.  I know there are other factors too, but trust majorly is the ‘driver’. 

Some may tend to disagree that it is money, but then again, you should yourself this question. Why would a partner leave his half just because he or she isn’t buoyant financially at the time? The answer isn’t because the money wasn’t there at the moment; it is because the partner doesn’t believe that his spouse has enough capacity to gather sustainable finances for them before the next day comes. 

It’s so simple!  He doesn’t believe in the world his partner is trying to build! It still boils down to trust, doesn’t it? 

There are certain ways to still save your dying relationship, and we’d help share a few tips we think would work perfectly.

To begin with, APOLOGIES have to be made. Even people who are very strong-hearted still eventually succumb to the soft hands of apology. Even in general situations in life, apologies come to the rescue seven times out of a ten. And this clearly shows how important it is. 

Take down your pride and apologize to your partner. This rule doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong, just apologize. And of course, it shouldn’t be gender-based. It shouldn’t, it ought to be vice-versa. 

However, apologies should be done with the utmost sincerity and a genuine mind. To sum up this point, please ensure you don’t make the same mistakes that led to the first. Else, the apology then becomes pointless.

Secondly, give your partner reassurance 

People get busy, work themselves out, and have rough days and all. Some people’s only means to smile a day might be a sweet text, a romantic call, or gifts from their partner.

So, for people trying to restore a broken relationship, you have to give reassurances to make your partner trust you again. Do not give reassurances only, do them as well. Let your spouse see those changes in you. Make it a habit and you would see your partner almost certainly loving you again. Send that romantic texts, make those calls, and say those heartwarming words that send shivers down their spine and make them gasp for breath. 

Trust me, it goes a very long way.

Third, you need to BRAINSTORM

How does this work? You must show signs that your partner is at least part of the future you’re trying to build. Seek opinions on sensitive matters about certain things. It might even be about your personal life. It’s absolutely no big deal  asking, ‘My love, what do you think about this?.’ It gives them a deep sense of belonging. 

You can as well help your partner grow too. How? Give them advice, and counsel, and be always available when they need you the most.

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Listen to them patiently and create this friendly and smooth environment around them.

Moving on quickly, HONESTY is very essential in how you restore that damaging relationship of yours. 

I mean, why can’t you just keep it real?  Why? I still struggle to understand why people do this to their partners, and it is very baffling to me. 

Well, trust might have not been the reason for the little split in the first place, but keeping it real is the big deal. 

Deceit ruins a lot of things.  

Even when you don’t disagree with a thing, just be honest. But, kindly do this in a nice way. You could go this way, ‘Hey honey, I know this is right too. But I suggest we do it like Ade said, it will be easier for us both that way. 

The above statement is so harmless, but still disagree with what thing the other partner might have said previously. 

Just be plain and very transparent. It gives your relationship a boost!


Like people would always say, memories never die! 

This is so true and it can’t even be debated. It doesn’t matter if they are sweet or bitter ones. 

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For partners trying to blend together again, creating awesome memories makes a lot of sense.  It could be a romantic date, a fun time on a beach, hot sex in a shower, or even an evening in a cinema would be absolutely worth it.  The intimacy flows and grows.  The laughter, smiles, and bond during these times hit differently. Visit places you guys have always wanted to visit. 

As a matter of fact, you don’t even need to leave your home premises to create these memories. 

You can play games together, take turns in feeding one another, and sing songs to each other’s hearing. We could go on and on. It doesn’t matter what you do, so far it’s crazy and genuinely worth your time and that of your partner. 

Just do it!  

Let me round up by saying this. I think it’s important to let this sink in. 

While we try to follow these steps, we should have a conversation with our partner if really they want to actually restore the relationship. 

This is because if they are not willing, these steps would be ineffective and null. And when they are not willing, you just have to let go. 

Keep living and keep loving because love is so beautiful. 

Love and light to you all!

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