6 Great Non-alcoholic Wines You Can Get In Nigeria

6 Great Non-alcoholic Wines You Can Get In Nigeria

The 6 Great Non-alcoholic Wines You Can Get In Nigeria, like me, not everyone loves to take alcoholic drinks. Some, because of religious takes, others, because of their health status, and others, because they don’t just want to.

There’s been a belief that there are no good non-alcoholic wines for people like me and you. And, I’m here to debunk that idea.

Here is a list of six 6 great non-alcoholic wines for you.

  • Eva wine.

Growing up, I met my dad taking Eva wine. It was the fast brand of non-alcoholic wines I had ever known. In the 1990s, Spain was the first country to create non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice.

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Eva wine is a red grapefruit juice that is 100 percent alcohol-free and contains no added preservatives, sugar, or sweetener. Eva wine is best served slightly cold and is a great complement to any occasion.

  • Pure Heaven.

Oh, how I love Pure Heaven. The name suits it. The taste is heavenly. It’s a non-alcoholic sparkling grape wine created from juicy green grape concentrates of the highest quality. Pure Heaven is a fruity wine created for optimum taste and enjoyment. It’s ideal to serve this wine slightly cold. Best 6 Great Non-alcoholic Wines You Can Get In Nigeria

  • J & W wine.

The J & W blend is perhaps one of Nigeria’s most popular non-alcoholic beverages. J & W wine is available in a variety of flavors, including the blue cocktail, J & Q Premium, and J & Q Classic. Whichever one you choose is really delicious, and the flavor is light and refreshing.

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  • Festillant.

Festillant is a classy and elegant alcohol-free sparkling wine. The appearance is fashionable and distinctive. Festillant non-alcoholic wine comes in a variety of tastes and is highly suggested for guests who desire a quality non-alcoholic drink.

  • Bosca Toselli.

Toselli is a genuine non-alcoholic wine produced by Bosca, one of Italy’s largest sparkling winemakers. Bosca Toselli is a semi-sparkling wine that is flavorfully refreshing, light, and delicately sweet and is an excellent addition to any Nigerian event.

  • Chamdor.

Without a doubt, Chamdor is Nigeria’s most popular non-alcoholic wine. Chamdor is an alcohol-free wine made from the finest grapes that are sweet, smooth, refreshing, and ideal for any occasion.

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