Applying Discipline In Our Lives

Applying Discipline In Our Lives

Applying Discipline in Our Lives, in our world today, everything seems to have turned upside down. The rate at which illegal acts are being overlooked is nothing to write home about. Indiscipline has dominated the family, the society, the country, in particular, and the world, in General.

We seem to have forgotten our roots. We seem to have forgotten our culture. We seem to have forgotten our laws. Everybody now lives life according to what we believe right. Culture now has no meaning to us. Laws and traditions now looked like nothing to us. 

Gone are the days when children used to be obedient and respectful to their elders. Gone are the days when a child would see an elderly woman carrying a piece of luggage and run down to help the woman. In our world today, You would see a child of thirteen years pass by an old woman with a load, without even looking back.

Gone are the days wives used to be submissive to their husbands. Now, before a man says one word, the wife would have replied with three. Our forefathers used to have a beautiful home. They control a home of 12wives and 99 children with no stress. But now, even one wife and one child are so hard to control.

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Social media is supposed to be there for good. But, It has done more harm than good. You will see young boys of 16 competing to buy luxurious cars and own houses in expensive estates. You will see young girls of 15 flaunting their nudes on the internet. Posting to the world that they do hookup and you begin to wonder where their parents are. Some of them are even doing these things with the knowledge of their parents.

Go to some particular places at night and you will see them lining up, expecting their fathers’ mates to come and carry them, have sex with them and give them money. Then, you will see these children boasting of millions at a tender age, and their parents don’t even care to ask how they get the money. As far as they are living a luxurious life, they don’t want to know the source of their wealth.

We complain about the Government, every day. We complain about a fallen Nation. Where did it all start from? The family. Where exactly have we missed it? What exactly caused all these? When did everything turn this way? How did we manage to get everything damaged at once?

Look at the corrupt people we have as leaders, they were once children. And, the good people we see in the society, too, were once children. Nobody turned bad, overnight. Nobody just became a good person, overnight. It all started from somewhere, and that somewhere is the family. When the mother and father can’t come together as one, to discipline the child. The mother says yes, and the father says no. Why is it like that?

Maybe some people don’t know. A broken home is a broken Nation. I‘m afraid, of what the future has in stock for us. Who will lead us in the future? Who are the people that will make a great Nation in the future? Hookup girls? Yahoo boys? Who knows if our president in the nearest future is busy engaging in illegal acts, now? Who knows?


The truth has long been buried. We must exhume it. And this is the time to do it. There’s no other time than, now. We want a change. The change will not fall from heaven. The change is within us. It starts with Me. It starts with You. It starts with Us. Parents should train their children, well. Children should listen to their parents. Wives should be submissive to their Husbands. Husbands Should manage their homes, properly. Everybody should do what is expected of him/her. The right thing should be done at the right time.

Now is the time!!! Delay is dangerous!!! This is how Applying Discipline In Our Lives should be done. Thanks for reading.


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