Best Places in Nigeria to go on Vacation

Best Places in Nigeria to go on Vacation

Have you been looking for the Best Places in Nigeria to go on Vacation? Planning on going on a vacation in the west African country, Nigeria? Looking for recommendations of beautiful, interesting, and inexpensive places? If yeah, then, you’re in the right place.

The country may not be as prominent or classic as Maldives, Dubai, and other world beautiful destinations where people go to spend vacations, but I bet you, this place is beautiful, and its feel of nature is top on the list.

Taking a holiday in Nigeria will not break the bank. We will highlight some gorgeous and entertaining destinations in Nigeria for a holiday or maybe a romantic retreat in this article.

Vacationing in Nigeria’s attractive areas is quite inexpensive. They are affordable to anyone in the middle class.

For example, the cost of obtaining a visa to travel to Paris or Dubai is sufficient to spend a pleasant vacation.

You can spend time at the Obudu cattle ranch and yet have money left over. Other travel itineraries will be considered, but we’re not talking about them.

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However, you must cut your cloth to the size of your cloth (I believe we don’t state size again). Spending time in beautiful places in Nigeria has several benefits, which we are not interested in discussing right now. The most important thing is to be aware of these wonderful locations so that you may contact one of them when you wish to take a holiday.

We’ll make sure you’re aware of their distinguishing characteristics so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into while planning your trip to Nigeria. It is, nonetheless, However, it is still your responsibility to research any resort or destination where you wish to spend your holiday and make sure it works into your schedule. I’m sure you don’t want to live with regrets.

3 Nigerian Vacation Spots That Are Both Cheap And Beautiful.

  • Obudu Cattle Ranch And Resort is a cattle ranch and resort in Obudu (Obudu Mountain Resort).

While I was growing up, I could vividly picture Obudu. It was popular for its scenery. Everyone in high school dreamt of this place. This resort is quite popular, especially in Nigeria’s southern region. It is, without a doubt, Nigeria’s most gorgeous holiday and tourism destination, and it’s coming first on my list. This ranch is located in the northeastern region of the state of Cross River, close to the Cameroon border. It is situated on the Obudu Plateau.

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Do you require a soothing ambiance, a beautiful landscape, and cheerful clouds? All of this and more will be available at the Obudu cattle ranch. It’s also worth noting that it’s reasonably priced.

Standard lodging is available at the Obudu mountain resort. Presidential suites, cottages, executive rooms, basic rooms, and chalets are among the options. You get to choose which one you want. Visitors are always welcome, no matter what time of year it is. I suggest you visit this place between autumn and winter: October and February, precisely.

Best Places in Nigeria to go on Vacation

Their restaurant service is top-notch. They serve traditional Nigerian and international beverages and cuisine. There is a park with a water slide and a beautiful pool, as well as a golf course, horseback riding, and nighttime bonfires. The site is a beauty to behold!

  • Yankari Game Reserve.

This is the story of the country’s largest wildlife reserve. Affordability? Beautiful? Nature? Yankari Game Reserve should be on your game list. And, promise me you, you’d love every bit of it. The game reserve lies in Nigeria’s north-eastern region, namely Bauchi state. There are numerous activities in the reserve that will keep you captivated and amazed.

  • Ikogosi Warm Spring Resort.

I refer to Ikogosi Spring as one of the wonders of the world. It’s just so amazing what this place carries. This is a true wonder that you should visit if you ever have the opportunity to travel to Nigeria. I had no idea it was possible to have such a marvel. It is unique since there is no other like it. Take a vacation to Ikogosi if you’re looking for attractive places to visit in Nigeria that are also economical.

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It is situated in Ekiti State, Nigeria. The wonder being discussed is the fact that at Ikogosi, there is a warm spring flowing beside a chilly spring. Not only that, but they both come from the same rock. That is just fantastic. It’s a fantastic tourist destination. News has it that it has healing powers.

There is a resort that opens in the spring to provide guests with a wonderful opportunity to enjoy their Nigerian vacation. It features one executive VIP chalet, twelve western suites, 75 standard rooms of various sizes and designs, three VIP villas, and seven support staff quarters.

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