From Decarbonizing The Transportation Industry to Decarbonizing Agriculture

From Decarbonizing The Transportation Industry to Decarbonizing Agriculture: Silicon Valley Has A New Focus! Venture capitalist Nancy fund says she is disgusted when she thinks about the damage all the wildfires in the West in the last five years have done to the atmosphere, contributing to global warming.

She invested in a Seattle company called Drone Seed which utilizes drones to drop seed vessels containing ecosystem targeted seeds and other materials. The drone spreads them over the razed land and helps the rehabilitation of the damaged area just weeks after the destruction was wrought.

Carbon storage and the process of removing it from the air have become a hot topic in technology as it continues to gather steam and trend in the climate investing game. Ideas like Drone Seed or others that actually pull carbon from the atmosphere like Germany’s Clime works in Iceland are doing their best to populate and popularize this niche in which there seems to be no limit to what can be done.

Nancy fund only recently raised $600m in her fourth venture fund associated with climate finance. She says; “We were oversubscribed. There’s a tone of money coming into this sector.”

Carbon removal and storage is a section still in its infancy with dozens of companies working on new ways to remove carbon from the air and seas. None of these companies is making much, if any, money nor have they happened upon an idea that is financially sound, but the research now exists at last and it’s being tested and rapidly evolving each day.

Investors say they can wait.



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