Healthy Lifestyles to keep the Kidney Active.

Healthy Lifestyles

Healthy Lifestyles to keep the Kidney Active. Before now, human life and nature lived void of serious health challenges that would affect vital organs in the human body, but the modern world has evolved into something far beyond our understanding.

A 5-year-old can now suffer from life wrecking illness. Old people, too. No one is left out because of some unhealthy lifestyles and negligence.

So many persons are in the ICU receiving treatments for chronic kidney diseases. Some of these people do not make it through it.

Dialysis and Kidney transplants can be very expensive, hence the need for precaution to avoid complications.

In a world where the economy is making it difficult for people to afford a three-squared meal. How do you expect them to be able to afford millions for a kidney transplant?


In this article, I’d be sharing 10 important lifestyles to keep your kidney healthy and active.

  • Drink Enough Water.

Most of us are oblivious to the health benefits of water that we ignore. Water is very important to humanity and nature.
To live a long and pleasant life, take enough water.
It cleans and detoxifies the kidney and helps it to function better.

As many times as you can drink water.
At least, 4 liters of water a day.
Water doesn’t have an overdose.

Healthy Lifestyles

Drink water to live.

  • Minimize Excessive intake of Proteinous Foods.

We understand that protein is very good for our health, but as the saying goes, “excess of everything is bad.”

Always make sure you’re combining your proteinous food with enough vegetables and fruit.

  • Eat Fruits.

If a question was thrown at you about the last time you are a fruit, you might not be able to give an accurate answer.

You’re not doing enough for yourself and your kidneys if you’re not eating fruits.

Make it a lifestyle today by eating at least, one fruit, a day.

It’d go a long way in helping your kidneys.

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The watermelon is one very important fruit that could help in the activeness of the kidneys.

  • Always Ease Yourself Whenever You Feel Pressed.

Storing of urine in the system weakens the bladder, thereby affecting the kidneys.

Whenever you’re pressed, do not attempt to hold it in. Look for somewhere safe where you can ease yourself.

  • Reduce your intake of Carbonated drinks.

Carbonated drinks do more harm than good to our system than we can ever imagine.
If possible, only take one carbonated drink in a week.

  • Minimize Consumption of Salt.

Excessive sodium in the body system has its ways of exposing you to High Blood Pressure.

You might say you don’t take too much salt, but some of these foods contain high levels of sodium, that we may not know about.

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So, apart from the salt, you have in your kitchen at home, there are certain things you should do, which I’d give another tip in the next line.

  • Be Mindful of the Kinds of Food You Eat.

Like I wrote in the sixth list about salty foods, their effects on the kidneys, and not just the salt you have in your kitchen;

Some of these packed foods, can or tin foods, should be put into thought when trying to avoid sodium.

A healthy life doesn’t require you jumping at any food you come across. Some of these packed foods aren’t healthy for our kidneys.
A balanced diet is very crucial for living a healthy life.
Always make sure you eat a balanced diet.

8. Reduce your intake of Alcoholic Drinks.

Alcoholic drinks tend to damage very vital organs in the body, and the kidney is one of the most affected organs by these things.

Kidneys help in the excretion of different substances from the body, which alcohol is one of them.

So, excessive alcohol intake could dehydrate you and put your kidneys at great risk of failure.

If you cannot totally avoid it, reduce the intake by a far percentage.

  • Avoid Skin Bleaching Agents.

Over the years, a lot of people have grown fond of skin bleaching, forgetting the hazardous effects it has on our organs.

To keep your kidney safe, you’d have to avoid all forms of skin bleaching.

  • Avoid Fatty Foods.

It’s been known that a high level of cholesterol can have a demeaning effect on the organ.

It increases your chances of getting heart disease, and as we all know, those two organs function hand-in-hand, and it would definitely have effects on your kidney.

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