How to Build a Lasting Relationship

How to Build a Lasting Relationship

Easy ways How to Build a Lasting Relationship, In this age and dispensation, relationship break-ups are now very rampant; especially among young lovers. We hear of people serving their partners “Break-fast” which is turning out to be a new normal.

A songwriter even wrote a song “break-fast na National cake, e go touch everybody, he don touch my guy,” with songs like this, recent acts, and breakups even amongst celebrities; can one really say: building a relationship that can stand a test of time is possible? The answer is YES! Building a long-lasting relationship could be possible by adhering to the principles below:

How to Build a Lasting Relationship

  • Value Yourself.

Self-worth is very important in a relationship, how you value yourself hinges on how you value others. If you see yourself as someone who isn’t worth being loved, even if you get loved and affection emerges, because you feel you don’t deserve to be loved, it will be really difficult to reciprocate the love to your partner.

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Having self-worth also entails; doing away with inferiority complexes. The Inferiority complex has ended a whole lot of relationships because of jealousy and hatred.

  • Communicate Constantly.

It’s been observed that a fresh relationship comes with a lot of vibe and energy, partners will literally want to speak to each other every second that passes by, but as the relationship grows, the communication gap increases and there is little or no communication being made. Communication is an effective tool in building a long-lasting relationship, couples that communicate more often, tend to have lesser issues in their relationship, thereby making the relationship last longer.

  • Be TrustWorthy.

Build a system that will make your spouse comfortably rely on a trustworthy you are in little things the more your partner confides in you. Let your spouse have full assurance of your words.

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