How To Build An Ideal Relationship?

How To Build An Ideal Relationship?

How To Build An Ideal Relationship, one of the problems ailing so many marriages today stems from the grassroots, the relationship that births them.

So many people go into relationships without first knowing what they want from their ideal spouses and so, they end up settling for whoever comes their way.

Here are awesome methods on how to build an ideal relationship

In this article, we’ll be focusing our searchlight on some basics to consider before agreeing to a relationship and subsequently saying yes to forever.

  • One of the first things that should be on the table of anyone intending to enter a relationship is their “motive.”

A relationship should be a place where you get companionship and also find someone that completes you. It’s not where you fully start bearing the burdens that a married person would. It’s where you learn how to complete each other and also build something beautiful.

  • Beware of any relationship that doesn’t enhance your potential.

Basically, every person came Into the world Stark naked but can I share a secret with you?
No one was not born empty, we came into the world with various inborn talents that need time to grow.

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Asides from using your single status to find out what those talents are and developing them, your partner-to-be should be one who fully supports you and seeks to see you grow. Find someone that believes in your dream and is ready to grow them with you and when you do, you can settle.

  • Beware of a relationship that is insensitive to your feelings.

We all have moments when we just need someone to hold our hands and comfort us. Moments when even the strong experience weakness and need someone to hang onto for strength. In a relationship, no one should be neglected no matter the gender.

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One thing you should look out for during friendship before even considering a relationship with the person is how they respond to your feelings. Be sure that who you’re giving your heart to is humane enough to know that you’ll need them to help you stand at some point in time.

  • Beware of a violent relationship.

Gone are the days when strong men were known for the strength of their palms and their ability to control their women.

Now, true strength is found in understanding each other and building in that wise. On no account should violence, even In its tiniest form be tolerated in a relationship. Runaway while the damage has not gone too deep.

  • Beware of a possessive relationship.

A partner is not merely a possession that should be kept within arms reach and watched with eagle eyes at all times. A partner is human with feelings, emotions, and thoughts. They had a life before the relationship and you must not close that chapter of their lives unless they willingly permit you.
Beware of a relationship that is 100% possessive even when you’ve not known where you stand it.


In conclusion, relationships are meant to be beautiful. They might be problems, conflicts of interests once or twice but if the two parties involved commit and are prepared to pilot their union away from toxic interference, it can be something beautiful.

Here’s to everyone looking to build a healthy relationship.

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