How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status From Specific Contacts.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status From Specific Contacts.

How to Hide Your WhatsApp Status From Specific Contacts, there’d come a time when you don’t want some people to view your status. Other times, you feel someone is stalking you, and you want to keep them away from viewing your status for a short period, or as long as you wish to.

Knowing how to hide your WhatsApp status from some people is useful, especially if you have curious contacts. Since the introduction of WhatsApp Stories, also known as status updates, it has been a way for users to share some of their everyday activities or dealings with those in their contact list.

People can either save your WhatsApp status directly to their phones or capture screenshots of your updates before they disappear inside the 24-hour time frame.

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If you prevent a contact from seeing your status updates, they will remain blocked indefinitely unless you unblock them.

Now, do you really want to stop that contact form viewing your status and stalking you?

How can I keep my WhatsApp status hidden from some of my contacts?

  • From your mobile phone, access WhatsApp, then select Settings from the dotted icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Select Account from the drop-down menu.
  • From the next menu, tap on Privacy.
  • You’ll find Status if you scroll down. You may choose who sees your status from here, and you can even limit who sees it to a small group of people rather than hiding it from one person.
  • Tap on Status and “My Contacts Except.”
  • Select one or two persons from your contacts list and hit the green mark icon beneath your screen to hide your status from them.

Note: You can still view their status_even if you restrict them from viewing yours. You can as well, unblock them whenever you dim fit.

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