Long distance relationship is a relationship where partners are separated by geographical location or limited opportunity to see face to face.

People in long-distance relationship are unable to visit each other as frequently as they want maybe as a result of their job or financial constraint.

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Tips to make long-distance relationship work


Keep communication lines open: make efforts to talk to each other in the morning before setting out for work and at night before going to bed, keep your partner updated about your day and make efforts to end them with short videos or clips you feel will make them happy or will remind of something about you.

Set some rules:

distance can make you feel insecure, it’s ok to discuss this with your partner, you should discuss if it’s ok to go out on dates with the opposite especially if your partners don’t know them.

Surprise them on their big days:

you can make plans with friends who are living around your partners, they can bake a cake, plan a surprise party, and send them customized gifts.

Do similar things:

pick a particular book and read together, watch the same tv shows, and follow the same people on social media so that you can discuss these things.

Be trustworthy:

your partner should be able to trust you and vice versa, in human relationships, distrust is bound to rise, when something happens, make effort to tell your partner, it’s better you tell them by yourself than they find out about it from someone else, this could break the trust that exists between you both

Talk about uncertainty:

you might want to play the perfect person who doesn’t have bad days thinking about how to go through life, but, you are only human and it’s ok to have such days, it’s ok you discuss with your partner

Discuss relocation:

find out if your partner is open to relocating, there might just be a chance to bring over one partner or raise in pay which means more comfort and ability


visit as often as possible, there is nothing greater than a face-to-face communication, feeling your partner’s presence, a hug from your partner, or a cuddle from them

Create a playlist:

listen to your favorite’s music together, sing along, and crack jokes.

Pray together:

create time for spiritual bonding, time to study the Bible together and pray, and time for other spiritual activities.


Long-distance relationships might seem impossible but people are doing it and surviving

If you find yourself in one, let love prevail

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