suits are set of clothes consisting of a jacket, vest, and pants and is best made of the same texture, pattern, and color.

The joy of dressing is an art and suits exude such joy, wearing suit never goes out of fashion or style.

Mistakes men make when wearing suits


Wearing wrinkled suit: nothing screams fashion faux more than wrinkled suit, well-tailored and fitted suits will lose their beauty and essence if not dry cleaned.

Buttoning the last button of your suit: regardless of how many buttons your suit has, never button the last button, it ruins the beauty of the suit and makes you look tacky, two suits button, the button only the first button, three suits button, the button only the first and second button.


Not using collar stays: ever heard of what’s worth doing is worth doing well, there’s no point wearing suit without collar stays, collar stays prevent your shirt from falling off.

collar stays

Not removing labels: why are you moving around announcing to the world that you just bought new suit? Remove the labels on the suits before going out.

Wearing the wrong shoes and socks: your shoes and socks are as important as your suits, wear cooperate shoes and your socks should be long enough so that your legs don’t show when sitting down, wearing booths can make your pants look funny.

Wearing tie the wrong way: your tie should be at the waistband of your trouser or top of your belt buckle, not too long and dangling beneath the suit.


Wrong length of suit: your suit jacket should be long enough to cover your butt and zipper.

Tips for buying suits.


Fabric: suit made off 100% wool are the best quality suits

Fittings: consider these few fitting areas, your shoulder, you shouldn’t be caught buying suits whose jackets don’t fit, adjusting the shoulders can be embarrassing and stressful, the jacket lengths should cover your buttocks at the back, pants fitting, the waist shouldn’t be too big or too small, they should fit perfectly.

Pick function over fashion: you would love to create a statement when you step into that event, buying suits because of function is better than buying because of fashion, not only does fashion go out of style, but it may also not be suitable for that function.

Buy the right shirt: buying the right shirt is as important as buying suit, your shirts should complement your suit, your shirt should for in the neck area because you will wear a shirt, and your shirt cuff should have one button or at most two.

Mistakes men make when wearing suits are a result of ignorance, wearing suit goes beyond buying suit you love sue to color and texture and showing up for an event.

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