Nigeria’s Top 5 Wealthiest Cities

Nigeria's Top 5 Wealthiest Cities

Nigeria’s Top 5 Wealthiest Cities, a significant number of Nigeria’s elites live in a few cities, which are known to be among the country’s wealthiest. Such localities are home to business moguls, entrepreneurs, industries, ex-pats, and consumers of branded goods.

Nigeria is home to the majority of West Africa’s major cities. These cities are home to more than half of Nigeria’s population. This list of Nigeria’s wealthiest cities is arranged according to each city’s per capita income.

The Top 5 Nigeria’s Wealthiest Cities are;

  • Port Harcourt.

When comparing ‘income per individual’ among Nigerian cities, Port Harcourt has the highest percentage (80%) of high total assets (above NGN 750, 000 yearly pay).

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Port Harcourt, Nigeria’s richest metropolis, is extremely livable compared to other cities. The basic essentials of existence, such as food, lifestyle, and lodging, are not too expensive. There are several options for skill development, as well as work opportunities. The setting is also suitable for raising children, and only a small percentage of the population is deemed lower-class.

  • Ibadan.

According to estimates, 3% of Ibadan residents earn less than NGN 250,000 per year.

In comparison to other Nigerian states, finding a job in Ibadan is rather difficult. It’s an appealing alternative when you consider the costs of living here. If you want to live a stress-free life, raise your children near various educational institutions, and save more money, Ibadan is the place to be.

There is a plan in the works to enlarge the city’s airport runway so that inhabitants won’t have to travel to Lagos to fly out of Nigeria.

  • Uyo.

Uyo accounted for 60% of high total-total assets consumers in 2019. Some of her residents work for commercial or public companies, while others engage in the transportation, handicraft, and catering industries.

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Uyo boasts a number of gorgeous structures, making it a source of envy for nearby cities. Transportation throughout the city is simple thanks to the well-developed road system. Mini-markets can be found in practically every municipality, allowing small and medium-sized companies to thrive.

There are numerous farmlands that are underutilized for agricultural purposes. If you want a low-cost environment with cutting-edge infrastructure, Uyo is the place to go.

  • Lagos.

Lagos is one of Nigeria’s wealthiest cities, with the country’s largest consumption of branded goods. However, in terms of individual affluence, it isn’t nearly as enticing as Port Harcourt.

If Lagos were a country, it is widely assumed that it would be one of the most prosperous African economies. Nonetheless, it is one of Africa’s wealthiest cities, with a large population of Nigeria’s upper crust.

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Lagos is noted for real estate, ease of doing business, import and export, and fast-moving consumer products on the plus side. On the downside, the city has an expanding population, erratic power, crime, and underdeveloped water supplies.

  • Abuja.

Abuja has a larger percentage of high-net-worth individuals earning more than NGN 750, 000 per year, making it one of Nigeria’s wealthiest cities.

Wuse, Gwarimpa, and Maitama are some of the most expensive areas in Abuja to live in. Because of the upgraded road infrastructure and strict driving laws, it is very easy to commute in this city without experiencing any inconvenience.


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