Relatable Growth-Portraying Story

Relatable Growth-Portraying Story

Relatable Growth-Portraying Story, While we were growing up, we exhibited childish traits that revealed how much of a kid we were. Basically, some of these childish traits are not being exhibited precisely by kids.

There are adults who have these childish traits in them, and until they decide to grow up and let go of these traits, they’d always remain a ‘child.’

As a kid, I fought with being happy when fortune shines on someone. I’d rather wish it was me, rather than celebrate with them.

I fought with this trait till I grew into a young adult. Somehow, growth happened, and I was able to defeat childishness.

The story in this article narrates how I discovered I had grown.


I sauntered into Access Bank that morning because my ATM card had expired.

While I sat on the role with a facemask strapped to my face, I noticed this young lady in NYSC uniform, staring at me. She stared like she wanted to pull off the facemask from my face.

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“Oh, my God! Ugwueze Winifred, is this you? Long time.” She ran to my embrace.

I was still trying to picture the face when she took off her face mask.

“Jesus! Joyce!” I wrapped her in my embrace again. She was my mate in High School.

“You’re serving now?” I asked with joy.

“Yes oh. After suffering in school for five years, it’s time to get a share from the government’s pocket. Are you done with school, yet?”

“Hmmm! My sister, not yet. I’ve been home all this while, but plans are on the ground.”

“God will intervene, my dear.” She heaved a sigh.

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“Amen oh. I came to renew my ATM card. How about you? What brings you here? Your monthly allowance, I know. You’d have to give me some money before you leave here today.” I teased.

“Girl, you’ve never changed. My BVN has issues, but my fiancee collected my documents in the morning to arrange them. The only thing I have left is capturing. See him over there.” She pointed at one of the young men neatly dressed. He was a banker.

We exchanged contacts and parted ways. Relatable Growth-Portraying Story.

For the first time since I finished high school, I’m being happy for my mates, and not wishing I’m done with school yet.

Relatable Growth-Portraying Story

I got home and told my mum who I saw in the bank, and how happy I am for her. I didn’t get any trace of tear that I haven’t been able to go to school, and my mate is already serving as a youth corp member.

I was, and I am still sincerely happy.

Then, I knew the girl has become a woman.

I’m a grown woman.

If you have a similar story, you could drop them in the comments below.


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