Sitting for too long means staying at a spot for a very long time doing one or more activities,

It’s also known as a sedentary lifestyle.

It is considered the new smoking because it causes health issues almost same as smoking.

We are in a digital world where almost everything is done using either a smartphone or a computer system.

A lot of tend to forget that sitting in a spot for too long can cause health issues.


you’ve been sitting way too long

Dangers of sitting for too long


Weight gain: exercising all day to lose weight is good but if you sit in front of your tv all day or stay at a spot all day surfing the net,

All your efforts will go down the drain, studies have shown that people who sit for more than six hours a day are at a higher risk gaining weight than those who sit for less than three hours.

Back pain: sitting for too long will hurt your back by weakening the muscles that support the spine.

Heart disease: sitting for too long will lead to heart disease because blood flow slows down which allows fatty acids to build up in the blood vessels.

Brain defect: exercise helps in the production of Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF).

It also combats the effect of cortisol (stress hormone), when the supply of brain-derived neurotrophic factor decreases, cortisol increases, and this leads to increased stress.

When this happens, the amount of oxygen the brain receives decreases, and this will lead to brain defect.

Mental health: The dangers of sitting too much are not limited to physical health. Studies also show that prolonged sitting can impact our mental health.

Sitting for long periods can lead to a lack of physical activity, which can contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.

It can also impact our cognitive abilities, including our ability to focus and concentrate.

Diabetes: sitting for a long will lead to increased insulin resistance in your body (this will cause your blood sugar to increase),

People who sit for too long have a 112% higher risk of diabetes.

Tips to prevent sitting for too long


A lot of people are stuck with sedentary lifestyle behind their computer or phone for too long because it’s their job,

they can’t quit their job, but they can prevent sitting for too long.
Here are tips to help out

Practice sitting and standing at a spot while working

Use a standing desk that allows you to sit or stand, it will give room for you to move around

Walk or cycle

Use the stairs instead of the escalator

Organize a walking meeting

Take your lunch away from your desk, walk to the restaurant to get your lunch, or take your homemade meal elsewhere

Set a timer to remind you to turn off your television so you don’t spend too much time sitting

Engage in indoor activities such as dancing, swimming, and yoga.

conclusion: sitting for prolonged periods is not only uncomfortable, but it can also have significant impacts on our health.

To reduce the dangers of sedentary lifestyle, it’s important to incorporate physical activity into our daily routines and to take breaks to stretch and move around.

By doing so, we can reduce the risk of developing health problems associated with prolonged sitting and improve our overall health and well-being.

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