The five-love language

the five-love language

The five-love language are words of affirmation, acts of service, gifts, quality time and physical touch. love language, it refers to how a person prefers to receive love.

Love is a tender, affectionate, deep connection, and commitment you have for a thing or a person irrespective of their race, language, or color.

Love should be expressed in all areas of your life and not only in romantic relationships.

Loving someone means knowing what makes them, for him, it could be constantly telling him how much you love him (words of affirmation), and for her, it could be spending quality time with her (quality time).

Types of love languages

The big question is, are you expressing love to your partner, friends, and families in ways they want?

The five Love language was first introduced by Gary Chapman in his book,” the five-love language” where he explained the five-love language available.

Acts of service: people with this love language prefer you do something for them other than say something, they feel more loved when their partners do things for them, people in this category prefer their partners running a little errand without being told to them buying a diamond ring, to these people, action speaks louder than voice, acts of service goes beyond helping with chores around the house, it involves going through their to-do list and helping them achieve their plans and also going through their plans for their career and business and doing things that will help achieve them, examples of act of service includes helping them complete a project, do the grocery shopping, create a self-care playlist for them to listen while working, watch their favorite movie with them for the hundredth time, the list is endless.

Quality time: this means spending uninterrupted time talking with them and doing things they love, nothing screams “I love you” more than spending quality time with a person whose love language is quality time, spending quality time involves active listening, and making eye contact. Quality time is void of phone pressing, a distraction from the television, or any other form of distraction. Ways you can express love to your partner if their love language is quality time, avoid canceling plans, plan date nights regularly, be interested in what they are saying, try not to multitask when speaking with them on the phone, etc.

Words of affirmation: people whose love language is words of affirmation love verbal acknowledgments, this makes them feel loved and valued, to them, love means expressing how you feel about them, words of affirmation can either be spoken or written words, examples of words of affirmative includes, I love you, you are special, did I tell you how grateful I am that you are my partner, I’m proud of you, I love how your eyes sparkle

Gifts: most people feel that if your love language is receiving gifts then you are materialistic, the truth is your love language is valid and it does make you a materialistic person, gifts as a love language aren’t about the size of the gifts but the thought and purpose for which they are given, gifts reminds them of your love and the fact that you had them in mind if your partner’s love language gifts, you don’t have a break a bank to buy them gifts

Physical touch: this involves holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, petting, scratching the scalp of their head, forehead kisses, and having sex, people under this category need physical touch to feel loved, appreciated, and valued, they also love the public lays of affection (PDA), and this kind of people can be called good hugger or cuddle monster.


Love language varies in humans because of their differences, for you to know which love language you belong to, you have to understand the love languages we have.

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