Ways to Prevent Food Contamination

Ways to Prevent Food Contamination

Excellent Ways to Prevent Food Contamination, Food contamination is one great contributing factor to some life-threatening diseases. Chemical hazards are one of the main causes of food contamination associated with foodborne disease outbreaks.

The origins of chemical contaminants vary from the field to the plate, namely soil, environment, disinfection by-products, personal care products, air, water, and packaging material.

The chemical contamination of food has emerged as a serious concern with potential health hazards in its wake.

The majority of food contamination occurs through naturally occurring toxins and environmental pollutants or during the processing, packaging, preparing, storage, and transportation of food.

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As technology advances, the detection of such contaminants becomes easier. However, several contaminants are still unknown and research continues in this regard.

The Ways to Prevent Food Contamination

Although the government has taken adequate steps to minimize individual exposure to food contaminants, there are still measures that need to be taken to reduce the health risks and diseases that come with chemical food contamination.

All efforts, both from the government and individuals must be put in place to ensure that food-borne diseases are reduced and practically eradicated.

Steps to prevent the exposure of food to contamination.

  • Keep clean.

A healthy environment is a threat to contaminants and so, one of the basic steps to be taken to ensure that our food is risk-free is to maintain personal hygiene at all times.

  • Separate raw and cooked meat.

This cannot be overemphasized or underemphasized. It is important that raw meat does not come in contact with cooked meat as it stands the possibility of infecting the cooked meat with bacteria. Always separate raw meat from cooked meat at all times.

  • Cook thoroughly.

Food must be cooked under 5°c to kill every bacteria that slipped through the washing and salting process.

  • Keep food at safe temperatures.
  • Use safe and clean water at all times.
  • Ensure the use of clean materials during the preparation of food. Make sure the bowls, knives, pails, sink, and everything involved in the kitchen process are kept clean at all times.

Food preservation is as old as time itself and from time immemorial, some stringent measures have been taken to ensure the safety of food and its preservation.

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Some of these measures can still be employed even in our modern-day life as they stand to ensure the reduction and exposure of our food to contaminants.

These measures include drying, salting, and fermentation.

Modern methods are dependent on the type of food involved but vary from canning, pasteurization, freezing, and down to the addition of chemicals.

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