3 Advantages of Social Media.

3 Advantages of Social Media.

My Best 3 Advantages of Social Media, Social Media has contributed to great aspects of our lives. Its contributions can be positive or negative, as everything is double-sided. Having advantages and disadvantages.

In this article, we’d discuss the advantages of the use of social media.

They include the following:

  • It Connects you to People.

I’ve lost count of the calibers of men, women, and in general, people social media has connected me with. You can stay in any part of the world with a network connection and connect with just anybody you want.

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You can search for a random name, sit in a corner of your home on the mainland, and connect with someone in a different part of the world.

  • Eliminates the hassle of scheduling physical or online meetings.

In a world where everyone is on the quest to make ends meet, be successful, and all, it’s not always possible to be physically available everywhere at the same time. Let’s say, you’re a mother and a business person.

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You have classes to attend by 11 am, and you must always pick up your son from his school at almost the same hour, and there’s no way you can catch up with the class after picking your son up.

What do you do? You can connect to your class online or any platform where it’s been recorded.

  • You can build a reputation yourself via social media.

You no longer need to be a movie star, a footballer, a politician, or a celebrity to be popular. The inception of social media has made these things easier for us. The proper use of social media can make you a public figure.

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As a person with a great sense of humor, you can begin to create video clips of yourself. YouTube, Facebook, and Tiktok are good places to upload your videos. A writer can self-publish on Amazon.

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