3 WhatsApp Alternative Apps you can use

3 WhatsApp Alternative Apps you can use

3 Whatsapp Alternative Apps You Can Use. The finest WhatsApp alternatives are a great method to get out of Facebook’s shadow once and for all. Leaving social media is simple, but leaving WhatsApp is far more difficult if you don’t have a reliable alternative for staying in touch with everyone.

While WhatsApp is an excellent tool for private communication, the Facebook integration is gradually alienating users. Whether it’s due to privacy scandals, contentious privacy policy revisions, or the fact that whenever Facebook’s systems go down, WhatsApp goes down with them. Many customers with older phones, particularly those running iOS 10 and 11, may find themselves shut off from the service and in need of a replacement.

Granted, WhatsApp is more divisive than it once was, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon it in favor of plain old SMS. Even WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption and some powerful security protections in place, whereas the old-school text messaging system is laughably vulnerable.

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There are a plethora of additional possibilities available. Options that don’t put you or your contacts in danger, and that provide you with something WhatsApp can’t.


A telegram is an option if you want something comparable to WhatsApp that is linked to your phone number. Experts have pointed out, however, that Telegram’s services aren’t very secure, and that end-to-end encryption isn’t enabled by default. That’s something to keep in mind.

Telegram, on the other hand, continues to allow users to share files, set messages to self-destruct, and talk in groups of up to 200,000 people. It can also sync messages throughout all of your devices and is completely free to use.


If you have an iPhone or a Mac, the simplest option is sometimes the best, and iMessage is a great WhatsApp alternative.

Not only can you send messages to any phone number, regardless of whether they use iMessage or not, but Apple has a history of refusing to cave in to government demands for backdoors in its encryption. As a result, your messages are secure (unless someone can read your iCloud backups).

With capabilities for pictures, gifs, video, and group calls, iMessage is just as feature-rich as other popular messaging programs. In some regions, iMessage users can even send money via Apple Pay to each other.

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Video and audio calls aren’t available via iMessage; instead, you’ll have to use the FaceTime software, which is only compatible with Apple devices. It’s unclear why iMessage and FaceTime haven’t been combined into a single messaging app, but that’s how it is. At the very least, it’s already on all iPhones and most Macs.


Signal is a free app that works across all mobile devices and offers robust encryption. The signal is quite easy to use, much like most other messaging apps. You won’t miss WhatsApp because it includes phone and video calling.

The signal comes with desktop installation files, allowing you to utilize the software on both your computer and your mobile device.

Only the sender and receiver can read each communication because it is encrypted. Hackers can’t read messages since they’re encrypted. Signal makes advantage of open-source encryption, making it easier for specialists to test and uncover flaws. As a result, the software is even safer.

By establishing a time interval for automated deletion, users can choose to have messages disappear. Even if someone else has access to your phone, you will have complete privacy.

Animated emojis aren’t available in Signal. You may, however, import emojis from your device into the app.

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