How to Grow Your Twitter Account|Increase Visibility.

How to Grow Your Twitter Account|Increase Visibility.

How to Grow Your Twitter Account, social media has become a place where everyone yearns for growth. Unlike those days when people disregard the online space. Now, it’s a place to grow your brand visibility and growth, by creating awareness.

Furthermore, Twitter is the preferred social media platform for interacting with your target audience. According to the latest Sprout Social IndexTM, 50% of social consumers use Twitter regularly, and 30% want to see businesses use it more.

Twitter is arguably the easiest social media platform to grow a following from zero. It’s fast-paced and simple to use.

Now, how do you grow your Twitter following and gain visibility?

  • Tweet often.

In comparison to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has typically required a more aggressive content approach.

Recent research advises that you post, at least, 12 times a week. The lesser you post, the lesser your visibility.

Given how swiftly the platform evolves, marketers can always err on the side of caution and post more frequently. Not only should you advertise yourself, but you should also vary the types of information you post.

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Thankfully, the options for filling your content calendar appear to be limitless.

And that’s only the tip of the iceberg. If you diversify your content approach, frequent publishing will help you grow in the Twitter algorithm.
The takeaway is; that adding new content to your Twitter account shows potential followers that you’re active, engaging, and worth following.

Awesome ways How to Grow Your Twitter Account|Increase Visibility.

  • Post at the right time.

Don’t expect your posts to be seen by people when they might have gone to bed. You can’t make a post at 1 am and expect your audience to be wide awake, waiting for you to make posts so they could engage. Study your audience, and know when they are available before making posts.

  • Don’t forget to use trending hashtags.

Harnessing trending hashtags is one easy way to grow and gain visibility. I remember when I started using Twitter; I’d make posts and it’d never garner any engagements for days, weeks, or even never.

One day, there was a movement about a Gechi girl who was born with one and a half legs, I leveraged that, made a post, and inserted the hashtag. It didn’t take up to 10 minutes. My followership increased. I got several engagements, too.

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