How to Track Your Lost Android Phone.

How to Track Your Lost Android Phone.

Here are the easy ways how to track your lost android phone, Losing your phone can be very horrible and heartbreaking. It’s not something I could wish on even my enemy.

You lose your sleep, you lose your peace, and can even lose yourself in the process. The last time I lost my phone, I almost sank into depression, so I can tell how much it hurts to lose your phone.

In this article, I’d be showing you how to track your lost android phone with your Google account.

Track Your Lost Android Phone with Your Google Account.

The first and easiest way to track your lost android phone is by using your Google account. Google is intertwined with Android, hence tracking the process is made easier with Gmail accounts and Google maps.

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  • From your computer, Android device, or iOS device, you can log in to your Google account. Access your web browser, go to Google. On the search bar, type “Find my device.
    The search would reveal a map with the last presumed location of your android device.

Note: You can also log in to your Google Account from a friend’s computer. That’s if you don’t have a personal means of logging in.

  • Once the map has disclosed your misplaced device, there are a few things to do. Assume your phone is someplace in your home, but you can’t seem to locate it. Even if your phone is set to silent, you can activate the ringer. While you hunt for it, your phone will ring for five minutes.

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  • You can secure it to ensure that no one else has access to your information. To begin, create a password that only you can use to unlock your Android. It could be a pin, a pattern, or a phrase for a password.

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  • Then, for everyone who finds the phone, send a message to it. You might include a phone number or a public location where you can meet to pick up the phone.

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