3 Signs That Your Partner Is Manipulating You.

3 Signs That Your Partner Is Manipulating You.

3 Signs that your partner is Manipulating You. People now make use of the love words to create armies and kingdoms for several years. These manipulative talents have been passed down and are still being used to prey on the unwary. 

Here are some symptoms that your lover is manipulating you in the relationship:

The blame and lying game.

Being adept at lying and transferring the blame is one of the requirements of being an exceptional manipulator. A manipulator is able to make up stories on the spot and never accepts responsibility for their conduct. If your partner checks these criteria, you’re in a relationship with a manipulator, and we wish you strength.


Have you ever expressed regret for something you didn’t do, that you keep apologizing for to keep the relationship going? When you’re with your partner, do you ever find yourself questioning your reality, ideas, and words? Do you ever found if they love you as much as you do? If you do, then you could be a victim of gaslighting.

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Gaslighting is an emotional form of abuse that erodes one’s self-esteem; makes you think and feel less of yourself. Manipulative persons have perfected this ability and will continue to exploit it until you are completely reliant on them and questioning your own existence.


It’s natural to want to spend all of your time with your significant other when you first start dating. However, it becomes an issue when your entire world revolves around them and you are unable to function without them. If your partner isolates you from all of your friends and family and assumes control of your affairs, you must flee for your life.

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You are now in a flawed relationship, which is incredibly poisonous in and of itself, once you lose your choice. Thanks for reading with us today and learning the 3 Signs That Your Partner Is Manipulating You. Below is the comment section where you can also tell us your experience in your relationship.

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