Busiest and Stressful Country in Africa

Busiest and stressful cities in Africa

Busiest and Stressful Country in Africa, a stressful and busy life is a no for me, and I’d prefer to make a tent in some desert, rather than have to stress myself in one busy city. This has spurred an idea for this article, as it’d influence your choice of where to live.

Follow this article as I unveil the top five busiest African countries:

Lagos, Nigeria.

Lagos is Nigeria’s financial capital, handling more than 80% of the country’s foreign trade and accounting for more than half of the country’s port income. The city is ranked first on the list of the most stressful cities in Africa due to overpopulation and heavy traffic, among other things. You could spend a full day in the holdup.

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Cairo, Egypt.

Cairo is Egypt’s most populous metropolis and the country’s main commercial and financial hub. The city ranks second on a list of the most stressful places in Africa to live in, owing to overcrowding and heavy traffic, among other things.

Dakar, Senegal.

Dakar has the second largest port in West Africa and provides excellent circumstances for investing in the region as an intercontinental air traffic center. The city benefits from political stability, closeness to Europe, and high-quality welcome infrastructure making it a regional business tourist centre. Dakar is Africa’s third-most stressful city to live in.

Nairobi, Kenya.

Nairobi is Eastern and Central Africa’s indisputable transit center and the largest city between Cairo and Johannesburg. The city is one of Africa’s most important business centers, with major firms and international organizations establishing regional offices here. The city is great for business, but it’s a nightmare to live in comfortably.

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Casablanca,  Morocco.

Casablanca is the largest city, main port, and economic capital of Morocco. The Casablanca Stock Exchange, North Africa’s largest stock exchange, covers the wealthiest and most sophisticated parts of Moroccan culture, style, and architecture.

The city is ranked fifth on the list of the most stressful cities in Africa due to its expanding population, urban traffic congestion, air pollution, and density. Thanks for your time reading 5 Busiest and Stressful Country in Africa.

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