How Do I Cancel My Netflix Subscription

How Do I Cancel My Netflix Subscription

How Do I Cancel My Netflix Subscription, It’s possible to terminate your Netflix sub, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund. The service will remain operational until the conclusion of the billing period in which you canceled, according to Netflix’s terms of service.

There are no refunds for unused Netflix services. Yet, other sources claim that if the refund is sought because you were unable to log in or access the content due to a mistake or malfunction on Netflix’s end, the request will be considered.

To cancel your Netflix account, go to a web browser and follow the steps below. It’s easier to use a desktop browser, but the process is the same on the mobile version of the site. You can skip straight to step 5 by going to the Netflix account cancellation confirmation page.

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Steps On How To Cancel Your Netflix Subscription

  • Visit Netflix’s website and sign in to the account you want to deactivate.
  • At the top right of the page, click the symbol with your profile image.
  • To access the Account Details page, click Account.
  • Under MEMBERSHIP & BILLING, click the “Cancel Membership” button to see the cancellation confirmation page, which displays the end date of your plan if you elect to cancel.
  •  Select “Finish Cancelation” from the drop-down menu to launch a survey where you choose from a list of pre-defined reasons for your cancellation or submit comprehensive comments.
  • Complete the feedback survey and click “Done” to return to your account details page, where you’ll see information on when your Netflix episodes will be removed.

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If you followed the methods above correctly, you are now free to experiment with other streaming services or detox from the continual assault of media thrown at you from all sides. If you want to try out any of the other streaming services, many of them, unlike Netflix, offer free trials. Thanks for your time reading How Do I Cancel My Netflix Subscription.

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