8 Helpful Writing Apps to Aid your Writing For Beginners.

8 Helpful Writing Apps to Aid your Writing For Beginners.

8 Helpful Writing Apps to Aid your writing for Beginners. As a new writer who is just venturing into the profession of writing, you might be puzzled as to what would aid your writing and make it easier for you to edit.

Some of these writing tools would also improve your vocabulary, edit your work, make you a professional in your skill, and so many other benefits.

In this article are some writing apps that would aid you.

  • Google Docs.

Google Docs is one app I’ve grown to like in my writing career. Its efficiency and ability to assist in editing errors. It even lets you collaborate with people on writing projects.

  • Grammarly.

Grammarly is one defensible writing assistant that gives you a clean writing job. It corrects the wrong use of phrases, spellings, punctuations, and even in terms of clarity, it gives you a perfect job.

If I were to stick to one app, I’d stick to Grammarly forever. Lol.

  • Pure Writer.

A pure Writer is an incredible tool that is not only easy to use– but helps you monitor your word count. It is believed as “a good writing editor.”

It is minimalistic. You have no fear of losing your content when you have Pure Writer.

For those of us who would be given specific word counts to meet up with, Pure Writer is the tool for you.

  • Draft.

The draft is another app that has collaboration features, just like Google Docs. It allows you to co-author with another writer. One of its amazing features is that it keeps trails of your alterations.

  • Evernote.

Evernote is a tool that enables you to take all sorts of notes. For someone who loves to have a clean job, it’s a considerable place to start writing. A well-organized and accessible platform.

  • ProWritingAid.

ProWritingAid is one outstanding app that crowns the list of all the free writing apps you may know. It coaches and highlights various loops in writing. And just like the Grammarly app, it’s also known for grammar checking, overuse or wrong use of grammar, and ambiguous words.

It is the perfect online coach, writing editor, and style directory.

It also gives you the forum to upload documents in an online tool and gives you access to comprehensive writing reports.

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ProWritingAid is incorporated with other software applications. Some of which are; Google Docs, Chrome, and M.S Word.

  • Scrivener.

Scrivener is another outstanding word processing software among the leading writing tools. It is used more in doing voluminous or complex writings.
For beginners, it organizes the process from start to editing, to making research, and to finish.

Talking about how it plays around aiding copious work, it efficiently manages them and makes it effortless for you to operate.

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When you have a large work at hand; like a full novel, a thesis, a project, or a dissertation, Scrivener should be on the topmost list.

  • Ulysses.

Ulysses is the best MAC standard writing app that has many similarities with the Scrivener. app. It is developed to ease the formatting of your work and make it stress-free. One interesting feature is its enlightening tutorials to users, interjoined with practices.

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It offers all the necessary standard features you need to organize your writing. An app that uses the ‘Markdown’ approach in content formatting. It just keeps you flowing and focused in your writing. 8 Helpful Writing Apps to Aid your Writing For Beginners, you can comment yours below.


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