How to Block Someone on WeChat | Block on Android – iOS.

How to Block Someone on WeChat

How to Block Someone on Wechat | Block on Android – iOS, social media is filled with a lot of dramas. There are times when you just need a break from some people for the sake of your mental health. Some cases are scammers and fraudsters you need to get rid of.

WeChat is a popular messaging and calling program available for Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems. WeChat allows you to communicate with relatives and friends from all around the world. It’s a mobile phone user’s all-in-one communication app. 

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The WeChat app has such a large user base. Someone may send you spam or texts on a regular basis. People sometimes use Wechat to provide a lot of information about their businesses, advertisements, and other topics. 

How to Block Someone on WeChat

WeChat, like any other messaging service, allows you to block and unblock specific contacts.

So, if you’ve ever contemplated or if there’s a need for blocking or baring someone from reaching you, and you don’t know how to go about it, this is the article you’ve been waiting for.

How to Block Someone on Wechat.

Unlike some other apps, the WeChat app appears and functions the same on iPhones and iPads, as well as Android phones and tablets. On iOS or Android devices, here’s how to block or unblock an account in WeChat.

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  • Enable the WeChat app on your device
  • Tap on “Contacts” from the app (second icon from the left, below the screen).
  • Select the person you want to block by tapping their entry. This will take you to their profile page.
  • The three-dotted icon can be seen in the upper-right area of the screen. It should be tapped. The Block option will appear in the list of alternatives. To turn it on, slide the switch.

Try these simple steps and thank me later. How to Block Someone on Wechat | Block on Android – iOS


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