How to compress your videos

How to compress your videos

How to compress your videos. It becomes a bit of a headache when we have videos occupying a reasonable fraction of our phone memory. They definitely take up more space than photos do.

Sometimes, you ponder how ordinary screen recordings happen to take up a lot of space, for something as low as a minute video, probably taking up 30MB worth of space.

We’ve always wished for a way to still have our important videos, screen recordings, and downloads intact, but with a smaller size.

Now, that wish is an actualization with the concept: Video Compression.

What this simply entails is to reduce the size of a video file, without distorting its content. By ‘content’, I mean its resolution and what the video files contain.

The daunting question still is:


I’d recommend an app, which is called the VIDEO PANDA.


This is very much available on Google Play Store. It’s currently not available on the AppStore, so I’m afraid this app is only available to Android users.
Nonetheless, other video compressing apps could be searched for on the AppStore.

The purpose of the VIDEO PANDA app is simply to compress videos to your preferences.

Yes. To your preferences.

If you want to go about compressing a video, follow the guidelines below:
  • Open the Video Panda App.
  • Select the video you wish to compress. Select “NEXT” and a set of options will pop on your mobile device.

The reason why the third option is the most suitable is that it doesn’t only reduce the file size, it still retains the original resolution of the video.
Compared to the other options where the video resolutions are reduced, it’s always suitable to go for this option.

  • Go ahead to click the “COMPRESS” button at the bottom left corner of your phone screen. This might take a while to process, but when it’s all done, it automatically saves the now compressed video with a smaller size, with its original quality still retained.

The aftermath of stocking too many files on a mobile device brings about issues like reduced efficiency and proper working conditions on the phone, and sometimes, the phone begins to malfunction.

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This hack comes in handy for people who keep helpful information in the form of videos on their phone, as this reduces the risk of piling up video files till there’s no more space on the phone.

Keep your phone healthy and try out this hack today.

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