HOW TO EARN FROM MOBILE PHONES ADDICTION. You might be wondering what it means to earn from addiction and how to earn from mobile phone addiction, Yeah?

A lot of us are so addicted to our devices that we can’t go an hour without using them. You’re either on one social media platform, playing games, watching movies, and all.

You can never be caught without your phone. You spend thousands of money on data to surf the web, but you’re never getting anything in return.

At some point, you wish you could stop. You’re exasperated, but you have no idea how to make ‘useful’ use of your addiction.

Here are some things you can do and earn from addiction and make it productive.

  1. Learn Digital Skills.

Digital skills require you to spend a lot of time on your phone. And, as the world is going digital, you can just leverage the opportunity of addiction and learn a digital skill. You could learn more than one, too.

  1. Open a Youtube account.

Once you’re able to learn any digital skill, or if you’re creative, you can make videos, tutorials, and upload your content on Youtube. Advertise your channel via your social media platforms, get people to subscribe to your channel, keep using your phone, and watch the money flow into your account. 

Now, we’d be delving into digital skills you can learn with your phone.

Some Digital Skills you Can Learn with your Phone and Make Money.

  1. Mobile Photography.

Mobile photography has thrived to become the fastest rising digital skill in the world. Most people now prefer mobile photography to digital cameras. It is known for its Easy editing features. 

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These are applications you can look up on Play Store. They’d aid your editing skills.

Snapseed and Adobe Lightroom.

  1. Graphic Design. 

Graphic Design is one of the most important digital skills because of its duties in branding and marketing. It paints the image of what a brand stands for, so every brand needs a graphic designer to stand out among its competitors. Getting to learn and practice this skill would get you a lot of earnings. 

One advantage is that you can learn and practice with your phone.

Here are some applications you can use to practice.

PixelLab: This app is mostly used by professionals, but if you’re smart, you’d definitely find your way around it.

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