How to set up Google Meet on your phone

How to set up Google Meet on your phone

Google meet is one app that is in competition with the Zoom app. It’s called the Zoom competitor. During the pandemic, when there was a lockdown and people go to work, loved ones on different sides of the city, and all business activities were placed on hold, Google expanded its tentacles, making more advances into the video chatting space, making its premium video conference service Google Meet free for customers. Meet, which was previously only available to G Suite users, is now available to everyone, putting Google in direct rivalry with competitor video chat service Zoom. Steps on How to set up Google Meet on your phone.

Before now, Google Hangouts and Duo were solely available for informal video chatting, Meet now supports up to 100 people in a single session and includes features like scheduling, screen sharing, and real-time captioning.

To use the free version of Google Meet, you must first register a Google account. Video calls will be available.

Steps on How to set up Google Meet on your phone

Meet also comes with a variety of built-in privacy features, such as host controls (such as the ability to accept or prohibit entry to a meeting, as well as mute or delete participants), complex meeting codes, and encryption in transit.

Facebook, Skype, and Microsoft have all recently announced new free group video chat features and services, so Google is far from the only internet company interested in stealing some of Zoom’s revenue.

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What I love about this service are its easy-to-use features.

Note: That, you’d have to sign up and register for the free version to access it. You should also have downloaded the Google Meet app from your app store.

Go to the Google Meet page to sign up for the free version of Google Meet. For Google Meet, enter your name, email, country, and primary use (personal, business, education, or government). Accept the terms of service from Google and click Submit.

Here’s how to utilize Google Meet for free once you’ve signed up:

  • Go to or access the app from your iOS or XOS device.
  • To begin a new meeting, click Start new meeting or enter your meeting code.
  • Select the Google account that you’d like to use.
  • Click on “Join Meeting.”

And, voila! There you have it!

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